Brian Estridge (Sports Broadcaster/TCU Announcer) RMH 27

RMH 27: Brian Estridge Brian Estridge Radio/TV Personality TCU Athletics and WBAP Radio Host, Brian Estridge joins the show sharing how he got started and taking us through a day and the life behind a microphone.  The voice of the Frogs talking highlights, lowlights, broadcasting pantless, all from a little town in South Carolina known… Continue reading Brian Estridge (Sports Broadcaster/TCU Announcer) RMH 27

Tatu (Indoor Soccer Star) RMH 25

RMH 25: Tatu Tatu Hall of Fame Soccer Star Antonio Carlos Pecorari, famously known as Tatu, is a former Brazilian football player and current professional and youth coach, and one of the most accomplished indoor football players of all time.  His nickname means “armadillo” in Portuguese.  He won an MISL Championship for the Dallas Sidekicks… Continue reading Tatu (Indoor Soccer Star) RMH 25

Mike Miles (TCU Point Guard Men’s Basketball) RMH 24

Mike went to high school in Lancaster right outside of Dallas where he made a big name for himself in basketball. When he was in fourth grade, he was on a team called the Texas Titans Brinton on the AAU team. They made a viral I made a videotape of his highlights in this videotape. He is currently TCU’s Point Guard.