FORT Traffic

Things get a little more serious on the FORTitude podcast today. Our guest is an undercover police officer working in the sex traffic unit. He shares a real look into what it’s like to combat sex trafficking in Fort Worth. They dig into what it really looks like and why it’s so hard to really help the victims of these crimes. This is a real-life look into what it’s like to do this work in Fort Worth. It’s a hard topic, but worth a listen.

FORTitude- Sargent Jake White

Sergeant Jake White joins the guys at FORTitude. This episode is all about what it’s like to be a police officer in Fort Worth. White shares stories from his time working undercover and how he balances work and life. They also dig into some deeper topics like how and why people end up committing crimes. It’s a great episode and will leave you with a lot to think about. Not to mention he was involved in getting Jon Bonnell’s smoker returned in 2020, for those who remember that story.

Fort Karen Borta

Karen Borta joins JW on the FORTitude podcast today. The two of them talk about her career and she shares the ups and downs of local journalism and how it’s changed over the years. Karen also opens up about her daughter’s struggle with Type-1 Diabetes and her passion for finding a cure.


This week JW and Brenton are joined by three local Fort Worth oenophiles. Weston, Richard, and Chris visit FORTitude to talk all things wine. They share their knowledge over a glass (or two) of wine. They talk about the process of making and buying wine, how to pick your wine, and how to get into wine if you aren’t a big fan. You’ll learn a lot about wine and have fun along the way. So pour yourself a glass and have a listen.