Eddie Brown – FW Weekly

Eddie Brown – Who’s Watching The Judges? Eddie Brown FW Weekly Staff Writer  Who’s Watching The Judges? FW Weekly staff writer, Eddie Brown joins Fortitude to detail his lengthy investigation into judicial misconduct involving several of Tarrant County’s top judges. Have more than 200 people been convicted of crimes and incarcerated by an ineligible judge?… Continue reading Eddie Brown – FW Weekly

Denis Linnik – The Cliburn Series

Denis Linnik – Cliburn Series, Episode 2. Denis Linnik Composer/Pianist   Linnik, 27, Belarus, began playing at age 7, launching a career that has seen him play globally, win multiple pianistic competitions, and most recently compete in the 2022 Cliburn International Piano Competition. (Add Cliburn tag)  The supremely talented Linnik (Denis Linnik tag) talks music, the… Continue reading Denis Linnik – The Cliburn Series