Markus Kypreos

Home > FORTitude Podcast Markus Kypreos – Founder of Blackland Distillery Audio Only Markus Kypreos Founder, Blackland Distillery Markus Kypreos, founder of Blackland Distillery, tends the Fortitude bar. This former attorney, turned chef, turned sommelier, and now distiller, Markus, a local, shares how he created one of FW’s fastest growing brands. Looking for a great… Continue reading Markus Kypreos

Emmet Smith Organist

Home > FORTitude Podcast Emmet Smith Audio Only Emmet Smith Emmet Smith tackles Fortitude. Yes, the original and 95 year old retired organist for TCU invites us into his home. From his arrival at TCU in 1950 to playing for over 2600 weddings and nearly as many funerals, Emmet has some stories you wont believe.… Continue reading Emmet Smith Organist

Chann McRae

Home > FORTitude Podcast Chann McRae – Director Roxo Racing, Austin Police Officer Audio Only Chann McRae Director Roxo Racing Chann McRae, former professional road cyclist, current cop for Austin PD, and now, new Director for Roxo Racing, Fort Worth’s newest professional women’s cycling team. McRae raced with powerhouse pro teams Mapei, Mercury-Viatel, and US… Continue reading Chann McRae

Marshall Harris – Artist

Home > FORTitude Podcast Marshall Harris – Artist Audio Only Marshall Harris Artist Marshall Harris, artist extraordinaire, joins Fortitude for a big/little culture lesson. Harris, a former TCU football Hall of Famer turned NFL’er, discovered early on that he had a unique talent for creating art. His creativity bore the legendary Flying TCU logo and… Continue reading Marshall Harris – Artist