Mackie Barch – Cannabis 101

Home > FORTitude Podcast Mackie Barch – Cannabis 101 Audio Only Mackie Barch Cannabis 101. Curious about cannabis? The stigma, the culture, legalization, the government, War on Drugs, “the highs and the lows”, the future, the history, and is it coming to Texas? Fortitude sits down with expert, Mackie Barch, co-founder of socially conscious cannabis,… Continue reading Mackie Barch – Cannabis 101

Jonathan Morris – Entrepreneur

Home > FORTitude Podcast Jonathan Morris – Entrepreneur Audio Only Jonathan Morris Hotel Dryce, Fort Worth Barber Shop, Entrepreneur Jonathan Morris, owner of the boutique Hotel Dryce and the Fort Worth Barber Shop as well as star of Self Employed, on The Magnolia Network. This smooth local entrepreneur shares his story about following your dreams… Continue reading Jonathan Morris – Entrepreneur