Joe Lancarte – Joe T. Garcias

Home > FORTitude Podcast Joe Lancarte – Co-owner Joe T. Garcias Audio Only Joe Lancarte – Co-owner Joe T. Garcias Joe Lancarte, co-owner of legendary eatery, Joe T. Garcias serves up its history, growth, operations, facts, future, and some secrets. Joe T’s take an army to run day to day but the Lancartes and Garcias… Continue reading Joe Lancarte – Joe T. Garcias

Alexander Chandler

Home > FORTitude Podcast Alexander Chandler – Family Historian Audio Only Alexander Chandler – Family Historian/Storyteller Alexander Chandler comes to Fortitude with some unbelievable stories. Chandler, long time FW realtor, has a family tree like you won’t believe. Beginning with Robert the Bruce to arriving in America in 1498 to George Washington’s sister to the… Continue reading Alexander Chandler

Dr. Virat Dave – Gastroenterologist

Home > FORTitude Podcast Dr. Virat Dave – Gastroenterologist Audio Only Dr. Virat Dave – Gastroenterologist Dr. Virat Dave, Gastroenterologist, stops down at Fortitude. Gut health, nutrition, obesity, diarrhea, ohh my. Check out this fantastic look at whats happening inside the body, specifically the digestive system. Its not as beautiful as you might think. Virat… Continue reading Dr. Virat Dave – Gastroenterologist