Best of the Best Day Ever

Home > FORTitude Podcast Best of the Best Day Ever Audio Only Best of The Best Day Ever In our year end episode we reflect back on all of our guests “Best Day Ever”. Tune in to find out who was number one and who couldn’t get the answer right. Episode Transcription:  0:00roxo media house0:05welcome… Continue reading Best of the Best Day Ever

Santa Claus

Home > FORTitude Podcast Santa Claus Audio Only Santa Claus Santa Claus stopped by to talk with the guys and the kids in our special Christmas episode. Episode Transcription:  Transcript 0:00[Music] roxo media house0:09I can’t figure it out I’m gonna before the end of this little segment I’m gonna figure out hi Santa I did… Continue reading Santa Claus

Renfro Foods Fort Worth

Home > FORTitude Podcast Doug Renfro – President, Renfro Foods Audio Only Renfro Foods Renfro Foods opened its doors to Fortitude. BP and JW got to visit with Renfro Foods president, Doug Renfro, for an inside look into the legendary company and factory that has been providing Mrs. Renfro’s delicious products since 1940. From syrups… Continue reading Renfro Foods Fort Worth