Cathy Lin Be The Ripple

Home > FORTitude Podcast Be The Ripple Audio Only Be The Ripple The story of Cathy Lin is the heaviest we’ve ever had to hear. Her unimaginable story details the diagnosis and loss of her 8 year old son, Nathan, to┬ábrain cancer. While Cathy’s journey entails every parent’s worst nightmare, within she’s found inspirational strength… Continue reading Cathy Lin Be The Ripple

TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini

Home > FORTitude Podcast TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini Audio Only TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini sits down with the boys of Fortitude to talk about his life and the last 20 years at TCU. Boschini opens up and shares a rare and exclusive look into his divine Chancellorship. He loves his school,… Continue reading TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini

Psilocybin 101

Home > FORTitude Podcast Psilocybin 101 Audio Only Psilocybin 101 Jim Smeeding, RPh, stops by Fortitude with his decades of Pharma experience to explain the fascinating and mysterious world of Psilocybin, aka, Mushrooms. The myths that scare us, the stories that entertain us, the positives that help us, the negatives that are pushed on us,… Continue reading Psilocybin 101