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Angela Stanford (LPGA Professional Golfer) RMH: 30

Angela Stanford

LPGA Professional Golfer

This week, Angela Stanford joins FORTitude to share about her amazing professional golf career. Angela has won 7 LPGA tours and 1 Symetra tour and in 2018 she won her first major title at the Evian Championship. She shares how she started golfing and what her journey has been like, the doubts she’s had to overcome and the determination it took to become one of the best golfers. She’s an amazing golfer and an even better person. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to FORTitude. Today’s show is brought to you in part by the COVID-19 virus. And it’s tight grip around my regular partner Brinton Payne’s throat. The Payne Train is enjoying some dehumanizing and  some appropriate isolations. It’s part of the aspect of the isolation in the COVID vaccine. He’s doing quite well, I must tell you, but he did suffer a bit during the course of this even though he was he received the j&j vaccines some time ago. But as they say, one man’s misfortune is another man’s early Christmas present. So sitting in my partner’s place is the vocal stylings of one of the finest broadcasters we could bribe up here. Please welcome to the show. A man born for the airwaves yet destined for podcast stardom. A man who needs little introduction, the voice of a generation, the voice of the frogs, and a guy I like to call Brian Estridge.



And if you have bourbon in your break room, I’ll do anything for you. Which is obviously why I’m here



Brian, if I knew how to work the applause but on this board I’d welcome you more appropriately but I’m not quite that skilled yet. And so well, he is Britain’s color any better than it was probably not. He’s got pale he wasn’t pale. It was inside me do that. I think I think you can fact. Okay, but how the nerves treating you so far as so far as a big day. I know because of who’s across the table. Right. Right. It’s why I noticed you’re consuming some Maalox for the shows and everything’s okay. Yeah, exactly. Well, thank you guys for thank you for being here. Brian. It’s truly an honor to do this with you. Somebody I admire in this world very much. So. So. In studio today, we have somebody from the great world of LPGA Angela, Stanford, a friend of both of ours, somebody we both follow for a long time. Welcome to the show. Angela.



Thank you. Well, I feel honored to sit across from him. Right. You know, you told me that you asked me to do this and I heard you were showing up and I’m like, I’ll be there.



two stars in the house. she’s a she’s my favorite. She’s tell her this all the time. She’s my favorite golfer in the world, right? male female It doesn’t matter. She’s my favorite.



Well, there’s a lot of us that feel that way. So anyway, you’re here with us today we’re going to talk about you and your life and your career. So you ready to hit this ready? I got a little spreadsheet as a slideshow excuse me to honor you. That’s a little close up isn’t but look how happy you are in that picture. That’s close. That’s why I love because you look genuinely happy in this picture. So anyway, Angela, you’re from Boswell Texas right around the corner. It’s not it’s not Kershaw wagon. Oh, man. She’s gonna say Boswell. Yes. I meant sagen you can tell this is why editing is such a powerful part of this show. So anyway, so Saginaw was checked out off in high school, your si you won the Fort Worth girls championship four times 93 to 96. In 96, you won the Texas State for a high school championship in the 96 ping Texas Tech Junior Championship. That’s incredible in itself. That was just a just a starter piece. So remember these days?



Yes, I do. You know, I have loved hitting the golf ball from you know, if people say if you don’t remember doing it for the first time first time, then you’re probably meant to do it. And I don’t remember the first time I hit a ball, but I can’t remember not hitting a golf ball.



You’ve told the story about the recruiting process for you and how you ended up at TCU. That was that was a fairly late in the process deal. Wasn’t it for you?



Yeah, I was a highly recruited right. I think I begged coach Angie, Jamie,



what do you know where you were gonna go if it wasn’t gonna be TCU?



Ah, no. You know, there were really only three schools that recruited me, Baylor being forced was TCU, SMU a&m and Baylor those are the only four and honestly and I never told coach end this but I wasn’t going to leave Texas. I didn’t want to leave Texas. I wasn’t good enough to leave Texas. But it turned out to be the greatest blessing like and I think I probably wouldn’t have played golf. I mean, we weren’t in a position to pay for college, so probably would have gone to a junior college for a little bit. But it’s been a complete blessing. I again TCU felt like one of those places. I mean, I had like an 11 when I turned 11 my birthday party was a TCU party. So I mean, I think everybody knew that’s where I wanted to go. But I had to play coy with coaching Angie,



and we’re glad she reached out to you. So you got to school. I was already been there for a year when you arrived. But during the course of your collegiate time you went nine college tournaments at TCU you were four time all American four time all wack. Holy cow. You won the 2000 wet championship. You recall these days so much has happened even since that but that in itself is an amazing story.



Somebody was giving me a hard time about well, you’re like the most winning golfer in wack history, right? We’re only there for years. I’m like, that’s how you protect your, you know, your career, your records, you just leave you just go to a different conference, right?



Which you said earlier you said, You know, I probably wasn’t good enough. But yet you look at that college career so so what changed what happened?



A lot of that was coaching Angie, you know, I didn’t know it. First off, I never played an ajga tournament. Everything I played was local. I went out of state a few times. But I didn’t really know how to be a player. Like I knew how to be a golfer. But coach turned me into a player and she taught me how to travel. She taught me how to look at my stats, she taught me how to practice I mean, she I had you know, had Amy Foxx is my instructor. I mean, for lady her hands were full just trying to get me to hit the golf ball. So then you throw coach Angie to the mag and to the max. And, you know, I coach Angie, you know, she really turned me into the player that that I ended up being in college and then after



outstanding, so you get to school, you do all these incredible things. You remember the 2000 us Curtis Cup team?



Yeah, that was cool. How What was that like for you? You know, that was again, one of my few times, even out of the country. We went over to play the Curtis cup and England and then I stayed for the British AM. And that was a different experience. You know, at the time that Curtis cup we had four college players and and four older ladies that played a midam and stuff like that. And one of the ladies on our team was Carol sample Thompson. She was she was amazing. So just that whole experience, you know, getting to put on red, white and blue for the first time and playing with it was Hillary, Omar at the time or lucky no lucky was her married name. She ended up winning the opening. Oh three. Stephanie now keever was Loudon and Beth bower. I mean, at the time, they, I couldn’t believe I was on the team. So I loved it.



So was there a part of you during all this run during college? you’re traveling, you’re going places you’ve never been? Where you would wake up on the road and go wait a minute now. I’m from Saginaw have never done this. I mean, did you almost have to pinch yourself at times that this was happening? Yeah. And



I think you know, when I sat down with Coach originally, she’s like, Well, you know, we get to play it started here in Florida. We play colonial on this day, we play Originally, we pay rivercrest shade. I mean, she just goes down a line and Mayor of us and I’m like, these are places I’ve driven by like I’ve never been in the gate so that it’s in itself. I mean, the first time I went down the stairs at Colonial, and we’re going to practice I’m just standing looking around and coaches like, are you going to get started today? And I’m like, I don’t know if I can. She’s like, my nickname was Garfield. She’s like, Garfield, look around there it is. And that when I talk about coach, it’s hard to say my own name cuz she called you that still to this day, and she’s like, look around, take it all in, and then get to work. I’m like, okay,



okay. You said something early on. And Jacob, you want to follow up on this, because you said something early on that you and I’ve never in JW may have known this, but we’ve never expanded on it. You said I probably could not have afforded to go to college, I probably would have gone to a junior college. Angel. And when you when you get the opportunity to go to TCU and you’re exposed to all the stuff you said I’d never played an ajga tournament. Was that because of money?



Oh, yeah, for sure. My, you know, my dad’s always worked multiple jobs. And, but I’ve loved that. Now looking back, I’m like, it made me who I am like, I never took anything for granted. You know, I I tell these girls that skipped school. I’m like, Yeah, but they’re paying for everything. You know, like, they’re giving you all of this place to grow and learn. And, and I needed that. But I just think, you know, we did not have the money at the time. We were very, very, I say middle class, but you know, we were lower middle class. And but I didn’t know that. You know, I was just happy to get to go play golf somewhere. I’d, I’m very blessed to have the parents that I had, because they were hard workers. And I didn’t know that we didn’t have that much money.



So they’ve experienced this with you then. Oh, yeah. I mean, you think about it going around the world, experiencing travel, you know, all over the world. This This has been their journey to



Yeah, that’s you know, and it was funny because my dad always said, I one of his buddies was like, Oh, you know, your kid get a free ride. And he stopped him. He’s like, I’ve been paying for that since she was 10. So, you know, I think people miss that. You’re right. I mean, the family is right there with you. You know, my parents been great. Like I said, I’d I’ve been very blessed that I didn’t have a father that just kind of was down my throat and forcing me I mean, my parents were very good at, hey, these are your choices in life and do what you want to do.



When you were 10. You mentioned that 10 is that when golf started for you, and what and what made golf become part of your life.



So we were actually I played everything. But we were coming home from a tennis tournament and my dad had played Golf all the time. And then when my brother and I were born, I have a younger brother. My mom said no more. And about the time we were coming up from a tennis tournament, he’s like, oh, what do you think about golf? I’m like, I have a 10 year old kid, like, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. And I think it was his way to get back on the course. Because if I went my mommy’s good, yeah. couldn’t say no. And at the time, I mean, remember, this is hate to say it, but you know, it’s late 80s, early 90s just women’s scholarships being left on the table. I mean, there aren’t as many girls playing as there are now. So I think he was kind of hoping that, you know, scholarship would be at the end of this, but it was more so just so he could get back out on the course and do something with me.



eautiful so you make it to the professional level. LPGA. Your first, your first tournament victory ultrafuse me You finished fourth in the LPGA qualifying tournament, earning exemption status for the tour. And then 2001 your first victory came in your third season, the 2003, shoprite LPGA. Classic. When that’s happening, what’s that feel like? And how do you celebrate that because that’s obviously when you win your first tournament, you’ve arrived, you’ve already arrived. But that’s when you know, you’ve really done something significant.



That was an interesting week, because I had missed the cut the week before. And I think we were in Rochester, New York. And it was back when you could get a flight home Sunday night, you know, at any time. So I flew home early, or I flew home Friday because I had missed the cut. I’m all bent out of shape. You know, any golfer that misses the cut, and they’re coming home, they’re in a bad mood the whole weekend. And then I fly back to shop. Right? Well, the beauty, the beauty and blessing all that is I had to I had the round trip back to DFW before I went to the open, so I get to win and then I get to come home because I wasn’t supposed to come home there. So family and friends meet me at the airport. It was really cool. And then I flew to the open and felt like it was just kind of a walking zombie because I was just emotionally spent and then I ended up getting into that playoff next week. Which I



could remember that to this day and that you talk about emotionally spent. We mean watching it. We were emotional watching. Haven’t you want to go back to what how did your folks handle that?



Ah, you know, everything was so new, you know, I think they hadn’t experienced it either. And again, I was fortunate that my family was at the open that week because I had never been to Portland we just thought we’d make a family trip of it and I was actually the only reason I was still in town and didn’t have to change my plate is because I was gonna play in a pro and the Monday after the open just trying to make some extra money. And then I you know, I have to call the person doing the prime I’m like I got to play in this playoff.



Exactly an 18 hole play for me to Hillary lanky.



Yeah. And Kelly Robins are thoroughly Robins. Right. That’s right. Yeah.



So we’ll talk about the money aspect here in a second. He says there’s an incredible side piece to that. But you mentioned him for the show off air, the Solheim cup. You’ve been involved with that for a long time. Can you run us through that experience and how exhausting it must be.



It’s it is by far the best week on our tour. You know, I always say you every week you go, and you play in these women, and they’re the best in the world. And then for one week, every two years, you get to be teammates. And I love it. I love that I finally get to cheer for people that I’ve been, you know, they’ve been beat me all year. So you put on the red, white and blue and it’s just there’s nothing like it.



And you know what that point to that? You’re one of the best in the world, don’t you? Do you know that? Do you know that angel?



Ah, no, no, I think again, that’s been a blessing from not coming from much as I I never knew, like I have I’ve said ignorance is bliss. I had no idea when I went to Q school my first time. What I had no idea I was planning its pros. I know who these people were. I mean, I saw girls that I played against in college, but I’m like, Who else are these people? I mean, I just I didn’t know. So ignorance has always been blessed for me. And you know, I think when you get to Solheim, you realize that you look around you’re like well, they’re like 24 total women here like we are you are the best when you’re sitting in that room. So yeah, it’s



it’s did you do you guys bond being in that in that unique place? Yeah,



I think for that one week. Everybody’s really good about I mean, you’re wearing the same uniforms. I mean, you better be together. I mean, it’s it’s a very cool week.



This is picture sorry, Bond does this picture ring a bell? What what’s happening in this picture, we were curious,



so that I am not gonna I would butcher their last name. So I’m not gonna do that. But those are the two gentlemen responsible for the avian championship. They’re the two guys that made it a major basically and invested the money into the LPGA that we you know, that it needed to be a major. So there’s always this picture of jack and frog and their kick, no kissing the champion. And you see it in the hotel that we stay in. I always remember thinking, I wonder if I’m ever gonna be in that picture. So yeah, that’s why I’m kind of laughing. I’ve seen pictures like that.



Right, right. Well done.



I’m in the picture. Hey, back to the soul, homebrew Solheim comm real quick to 1000s Three was your first one. That’s a lot different than today for you, I’m assuming, how do how do the other players in the room look at you now as opposed to how you looked at the veterans who are on that team?



It’s hard to tell me it’s still kind of hard to tell because I’m still kind of in the middle of it. I’m like, I’m like this next week. I’m going and I’ll be in the same tournament with all of them. So I think you know, one of the cool things about the longevity of my career is that first Solheim, I was playing with Meg Mallon and Beth Daniel and Rosie john. Yeah, like these legends that they ended up becoming my captains. But you know, and then my some of my other soul at my last Solheim cup, I had Morgan and Paula and Lexi. So I’ve, you know, I’ve gotten to see these two great generations and play with them. And that’s, that’s been one of the blessings to the longevity.



You mentioned the aveyond Cup. Obviously, we’re talking about the picture. But that’s that’s a big moment for you. No doubt. Can Can we can we delve into that a little bit?



Yeah, you know, and we were talking about 2003 that open. You know, when I lost that playoff, I thought, well, I think I was 25 at the time. And you think I’ll do this again, no problem. I mean, if I got here this quick, Surely it’s gonna happen again, we forget that it’s golf. And a lot can happen in the game. And so, you know, 15 years later, I finally held a major trophy, and definitely had my doubts along the way. But, you know, I just, I just kept kind of Chase. And it was just something deep down. I knew that I was a major champion. I didn’t. I just knew it. I didn’t know when it was going to happen. But I just thought I can’t quit until I until I do this, because it just feels like I’m a major champion.



What do you do that night? or the day after? When you you’re holding that trophy? How does what do you use? How do you celebrate it?



Well, you know, by the time I finally got back to the hotel, it was pretty late. And honestly, I started replying to text messages and emails, I think I had over 200 text messages. I mean, it was so cool that I realized, you know, you’re replying and people are awake. So I’m like, Okay, I’m going to stop. I went to bed. The next morning, had a flight early. And then I started replying, because everybody’s asleep, because I’m in France. So I learned I learned that you know, you



remember one from a random number. The second Hi, Angela, you don’t remember from school. But Congrats. That was that was me. Yes, yes. Very, very good. Very good.



When you that probably did happen, unfortunately, I



think I know this guy. Say hi to her.



When you think about that dry period, from from, you know, playing in that play off in 2003, to this championship? Was there ever a point where you thought you know what I’m going to call Dan Marino and see how he had? Because, you know, remember, Marino early in his career had had, you know, shows up at the Superbowl and never gets back. Yeah. I mean, it happens in sport. So was there is, so was there a time when you thought yeah, I’m not gonna get back there.



I think there were there were definitely times and I think, you know, this is where my faith being a Christian really helped. Because I had to get to a point where, okay, are you okay? Like, are you okay? If you never made your champion, and I was starting to kind of had to have these conversations in my mind. And, you know, I think being a Christian, there’s, you know, there’s something larger than the so if you’re that bent out of shape, about never having a major championship. So I really, really made me think about my faith and, and I really leaned on it, because there you know, there’s just bigger things in the world that matter. And, and so I think that’s how it was becoming okay with it, that there’s a plan. You know, I know God’s in control of this. And if I truly trust them, then this was what my path is supposed to be. And I mean, and then you know, any surprises you so



it’s really refreshing to hear somebody say that he’s had success you have well done so you have earned over $12 million in your career. So obviously, that’s a big deal. That’s that’s the that’s the trophies and all that changed your life but the money. You seem extremely humble, you always have been from the moment I knew you back in the day, but what’s it feel like to be put in that category of athletes? Who is that? You’re obviously an upper tier athlete with the trophies in the money? Does that make you feel special? Yeah,



I mean, it’s, it is more about the trophies and I think, you know, I think the LPGA has come a long way. I mean, our purses are getting better. I think it’s easier to chase trophies on our tour because we don’t make as much money. I don’t even look like I don’t even compare, you know, where I should be on the PGA Tour money. Like I just don’t even look because it would it would make me crazy. But we’ve come a long way. But I still think you know, I i don’t know i if you if you don’t come from money, you don’t really money’s not really That. I mean, it’s important because you need it to live or whatever. But it wasn’t the reason why I started playing. It wasn’t the reason I went on tour, it wasn’t, you know, it’s not the reason I’m going to get up and go to Arkansas also, you know, it does change the older you get, because it becomes a job now, like, but I still love to compete and hit the ball. And the money’s kind of the nice part that comes with it, I guess.



How do y’all get paid? Like, do you get you get like one of those big checks? And you have to go to the bank? I mean, or is it literally because your contract employees or contractors? Do you get direct deposit? Or does it go to someone else? Or like, do you ever see it is



a direct deposit? Okay, you have the option to get a paper check in the mail, if that’s what you want. And it was I think it was in 2008. It was my second victory. I asked to take the big cheque home. I did, did you? I said, Can I have that big check? Because at the time, I’m like, I don’t know if I’ll ever do this again. And I just had that Happy Gilmore moment where you’re like, give me that check. I want it and I’m gonna take it home. So I think I still have it at home. But yeah, it’s direct deposit. And then I have to pay my caddy have to pay my expenses. That’s I have to pay my taxes, your travel? Everything.



So when when you get when you win a tournament on a Sunday, and say you finish it six o’clock at night or whatever. You’ll finish on Saturday, right? A lot. But when you win, is that direct deposit made? Is that that night?



No, we usually see it Thursday or Friday the next week. Okay, so it takes a few days for processing? Yeah.



Are you checking your Are you checking your balance, like every day to see if it



is sometimes? It depends on actually I this is a funny story. So this is when I first started on tour, I signed my deal with pain and paying a tie. And they they’ve been wonderful to me. They’ve been like family, I they’re just they’re an amazing company. So I told my agent, you know, I signed this deal. Well, they pay you on the quarter. So I get my quarterly payment from my sponsors. So I call my agent. I’m like, hey, yeah, I don’t have any money. Is there any way I can get this? Like, in advance? He’s like, I don’t know if anybody’s ever asked that. But I’ll call so I’m paying did it. I mean, they they’ve never I don’t think they’ve done for anybody else. But I’m like, I’ve literally, you know, I didn’t I think when I went so when I won the symmetric event. I had some people give me some money to get me going. I think I had $50 in the bank. When I left. And I was ready. I was prepared to come home and ask for more from somebody else.



So what year was that? Angela?



I was 2000. Yeah, crypto. Um, you



were gonna as my next question was your sponsorships. Obviously pink has been with you for a while. Anybody else? And how does the sponsorship work for a professional athlete is asking that



Yeah, no. So pink has been with me the whole time. When I started it was 11 clubs. One being the potter one being the driver carry the bag where the hat. Now it’s all 14 clubs, which is totally fine. I would have done that. Anyways, Thornton still is on the side of my hat. He’s great. Donnie is great. He supports my foundation. This bank, you know, and most of mine have been personal, you know, people that I meet and you know, they just, they just love the relationship and they want to be a part of what I’m doing. And I love it. And Barbara saw I think is over here. And they signed a number of girls just to you know, which I think is cool too. And you’re kind of a team of barbasol players so that’s cool.



But then there’s some things you do just because you do them right like TCU will be around around you always. Yeah you know yeah, that’s just part of you.



Yeah, cuz I don’t I’m one of those that I’m not going to do something unless it means something right. Like I’m not just going to have been like this with my foundation like I’m just not going to accept people’s money just accept the money like there’s a relationship behind those dollars and if I can’t have that relationship I just I don’t want it



like like the shave yolks on your sleeve yeah means a little something done



forgot about but yeah, oh yeah. I again I’ve been very fortunate to grow up in Fort Worth and so many people have been so nice to me and shady kind of opened their doors and said hey, we want we want you to play here and from day one. I don’t think I could be the player the professional that I am without shady oak so they you know the memberships been great to me and the golf course you know this so hard that you come home we get beat up and he hit the road



again. Well, if you get home tonight and you find accidentally a fortitude sticker on your back, pay no attention. That’s just our way to, you know, jump on the sponsorship trap and have a patch or pay no attention to that. So you are currently ranked number 69 in the Rolex rankings on a you don’t watch way too low the CMA rankings number 57. Regardless of whether you believe these things or not, that still puts you in a category very elite people Seven career victories. 100 over 100 Top 10s now, so you’re on your way and you’re still going strong.



That’s that’s probably my favorite stat, the top 10 stats



talk to that. Yeah, that’s a good one consistency.



Yeah, that’s Yeah.



When we talk about your, your level of play in, if I could compare you to somebody, you’re your own unique animal, which is great. But a, you know, a top ranked player Nelly Nelly Korda, how do you compare your game to a nearly quarter? And what makes her different in that capacity?



Well, you know, I think the thing that I’m learning and the reason I’m slipping down some of those lowest right now, I, I’m getting a little bit older. I’m not as strong as I hadn’t noticed, but not as strong as I used to be. These young kids are hitting it far. Like, I mean, they’re carrying it to 70 off the tee like Nellie. She, I mean, she’s aiming like when I play practice rounds with these girls, their targets off the tee are just way different than mine. And so they’ll hit and I’m like, Yeah, I don’t even look over there. So the thing that I work with a guy out of South Dakota, his name is Todd called, and I’ve been working with them since August of 2019. Or 2017. Sorry. I told him recently, I said, Look, I got to hit straighter, because I’m not going to hit as far as he as far as these girls. I got to hit it straighter. So that’s been our, our mission to get rid of the curve and my ball and have a better short game and hit it straighter



is your official coach Angelo Todd. Okay.



You know, you sounded just like the players you used to play against these guys. These young girls are hitting it a long way. You know, they said the same thing about you. I hope so when you came out. I



mean, but you know, and that’s the thing, like I told nalli, right? Before Solheim, I said, You know, I don’t, I think you have to understand I’m rooting for you. Like, I’m, I’m not necessarily competing against you anymore. Because I’m kind of in a different era of what I’m doing. Like, you’re right in the middle of it. You’re number one in the world. I’m pulling for you, I want my tour to be better, I want you to be good. And then I want to try to go out and beat you. Like, that’s, that’s what I’m in now. I know that it’s gonna take. It’s kinda like that Toby Keith song, like, I’m still pretty good, but only like, my best I got one time not like these girls. They show up every week. They got it every week.



How much longer were you go?



I’m probably so my exemption runs through 2022. I’m sorry, 2024. You’ll find that hard. It’s always 2020. I know. It’s hard. Yeah. So



I still write 19 on my check. write checks. To check again. Exactly.



I think a couple more years, I mean, my exemption and then I have a career money exemption if I want that one year. So I think I can, it’s harder now. You know, life. There’s just more to life. But then what though? I don’t know. I don’t know. I think you know, Somebody once told me if you have a plan B, you’re gonna fall back on it. So I’ve always just had Plan A, and then I know, I’ll probably take some time off and figure it out.



Interesting. Take so don’t have a backup plan, Brian. For all the kids out there



that don’t have a backup. So you



you survived COVID-19 the pandemic, how did you spend, generally speaking, how did you spend your time not being able to play practicing?



Yeah, you know, it was really weird. I mean, for somebody that’s never at home for an extended period of time, like I had to learn how to go to the grocery store and buy like, weeks at a time. Like I’m not even used to going grocery store. Because when I’m home, I’m home for a couple nights. And, you know, you go out to eat with friends and said learn how to cook for myself for like, extended period of time. It did some yard work, which I realized, though, and any fun. It was it was different. But at the same time it you know, I love being at home. But then it also made me realize that I want to keep going.



So are you glad you’re back traveling again? Yeah. But yeah, but then then I follow you on Twitter. And I don’t know that you’re glad you’re traveling?



Because it’s hard. It’s hard. If it goes, I’m learning. If it goes if you’re having a tough travel day, or kind of like, yeah, I could really just be at home. Yeah, it bothers me more. Now. I did. I mean, when you’re 25 you don’t you know, things don’t bother you like they do and you’re in your 40s and



people may not realize that you’re not hopping on a private plane ever. No, no,



no, that that is the biggest misconception when it comes to the tours. We don’t fly private. I mean, it is rare it a couple girls may get together and split it but it’s like from this state to the neighboring state. I mean, we’re not going across the country on a private jet.



And are you staying in hotels? Are you staying lots of



hotels, some some housing, private housing, like Arkansas next week? It’s a family I’ve stayed with every year and it’s great. They gave me the pool house and I’m like, Oh, yeah, we’ll see em like, it’s they’re great. That’s awesome.



That is great. greatest moment ever sports career. I’m probably the EBR I’m guessing but or was it This this is a little bit of a joke obviously. What? Before you tell me your greatest moment? What How did this feel? Because that’s obviously a phrase,



by the way. Yeah. You know, I grew up playing softball, I played shortstop and I, I played basketball, volleyball, everything. This was great. I i finagled my way into this I I forget who I was talking to him like, Hey, can you just, I just want to throw out the first pitch. Can somebody get me this gig, please? And so I think I asked for they didn’t ask me



which is okay. And he went with a two seam fastball. Why that? Yeah,



I don’t know. My dad was catching so good. Yeah, I think he did. I think he caught it.



You hit him? I hope right? Yeah,



I think it was fine inside to a good lefty. Good.



But greatest moment for sports is AV on the is that the safe bet? Or is there a better one for you?



Yeah, I mean, I think every on but, um, you know, recent recently being inducted into the Texas golf Hall of Fame. I mean, that. That was pretty big. I mean, that’s, I didn’t even know that that was even on the radar. So that that to me, again, I’m about. I talked about relationships or longevity, like I’m about that. I’ve always been about. I want something longer. I don’t I’m not in it for just the, you know, snapshot I want. So the Hall of Fame bill was, that means you’ve done something good for a long time.



Who have you met you? You’ve met a lot of folks in your life. I mean, you’ve been around some of the greats and all sports because I know you love all sports and you go to other events. Is there someone who you’ve met lately? That still kind of, I’m going to say this week takes your breath away that still kind of



Wow, I’m still waiting to meet Tom Brady. So if anybody out there has Tom Brady, you know, right. Um, I don’t know. I mean, I’m not starstruck much like I, I don’t, because I know there’s still people out there. They still have there’s something on their life that they’re struggling with, or I think on the golf side, I haven’t met a lot of the guys. But you know, Juli Inkster was always one that I mean, she’s the most competitive person I know. And I just I love talking to her. I love practice rounds with her. It’s all business. She’s always trying to be you. She’s just kind of one of those that it’s just kind of a once in a lifetime kind of person.



Surely. So you, you’re probably one of the better people on over guests to ask this question. Because some of the things you said it’s not all about winning and money, but we like to ask all of our guests besides familiar familial affairs, you know, family, what’s the best day of your whole life?



Oh, wow. Can I say the Rose Bowl nectar, you



can say anything you want to say?



I mean, that’s pretty cool. I mean, a lot of family just so I don’t get in trouble, like outside of family. Being at that rosebowl I mean, it. Me over there. Oh, yeah. I mean, you’re standing there you read? Did



you make it? Yeah. I was there for a little while.



But I you know, I we flew cross country because I went to the the peach was at the Peach Bowl, but check the label. Yeah, Florida State and South Carolina, because I have some South Carolina friends got on a flight 7am and flew to LA. And I was literally walking in the stadium as we were kicking off. And it was by far the best sporting event I’ve ever been. I mean, it was it was awesome. What a



great answer is a pretty good day to think about that day. That’s a pretty good day. Will you ever do TV? like we talked about when you walk away? Because I could see you doing that? Would you? Would you ever want to do TV?



I think so I they invited me to be in the booth at one point and Golf Channel. And I kind of liked it. You know, I know how hard it is out there when you’re playing. And it was kind of nice to give a little color to you know, what they’re doing and what they’re thinking. And I thought maybe it would be one of those Johnny Miller types. But I’m not like when I was talking to him. I’m like, Do y’all know how hard this shot is? Like, do you know like, how hard what he’s doing? So maybe because I feel like I could, you know, portray how difficult it is and what we do and



what we’ll see. Was that appearance harder than what you’re doing right now?



I’m a little nervous. I forget there’s a camera over here.



Every time Brian looks at me I get a little Yeah, Clint. Maybe it was a totally different reasons. Well, we’ve, we’ve truly enjoyed watching you and your career. We’ve known each other Brian’s known you quite a bit of time as well. We followed you. We’re very glad to call you a friend and big fan. Before we go please. We want to hear about the foundation Angela at Stanford foundation because you do some amazing things for some amazing people. Could you tell us



I was hoping I could just listen to Brian all day. Yeah, like I mean, like literally when I’m listening to football games about I hear him talking. I’m like, Oh my gosh, like it is first off before we leave it is true. Like you were meant to be on the mic and it’s awesome. Yeah, I



have a face for radio.



But I love I mean, this has been so much fun today and thank you for being here. My Foundation has been pretty Cool who we started in 2009. Actually our events coming up September 26 and 27th. And we raise money to give kids scholarships who have cancer or family members with cancer. So it’s we’ve been given scholarships since 2012. We’ve given over 250,000. So well,



how can people find out more and find you, Angela Stanford


35:19 We’ve sold out this year which is great, but we have something called the birdie Bonanza. Different ways to give so if you want to be involved, that’s Yeah. Angela, Stanford.



Angela, you’re you’re a pleasure to be around and keep up the great work. Thanks for being guys. Oh my gosh. And with that, I will send this out