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Charlie Price, Stylist, owner of Charlie and Co.

Charlie Price, Stylist, owner of Charlie and Co.

Need a fresh look? Fort Worth and dallas’ most celebrated stylist, Charlie Price, joins Fortitude. He blows out his amazing life story from rehab to finding himself to learning his master craft. A craft that makes him the most sought-after stylist in the metroplex. From the famous scalps he’s worked on and his legendary mentors, Charlie gave Fortitude its sexiest make-over yet. Brinton looks the same though.

Please enjoy the best Fort Worth has to offer.

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Episode Transcription: 

roxo media house my godfather’s jim tressel
russell are you serious
welcome back to fortitude i am jw that is brenton uh thank you for
joining us season two is still in effect uh thank you captex bank for making all
this possible for us mike thomas we know you’re out there doing some banking work today but uh don’t waste too much time
uh listening to our show but thanks for taking care of us in texas thanks mike thomas uh our our guest today britain
i’m psyched this this guy this guy’s badass i know listen listen to what i found [Music]
this is the guy right this is the guy charlie pride charlie prize same but different
so we have a guy his name is a little bit different charlie price oh geez but it’s cool we
get what you’re going with that so charlie price thank you for being here man thank you for having me guys charlie
what a pleasure charlie is the applause coming your way he is the owner and the founder of charlie and co um salon
here dallas where else austin austin as well and this guy this guy knows a thing
or two about what he’s doing he’s actually a really good a good dude got a really cool story and we’re gonna dive
right in charlie thanks again for being here you are a pittsburgh uh person grew up born and raised pittsburgh yeah you
have some italian roots and you’re some football in your background you just shared with us tell us all about your
background well number one thanks for having me this year thanks for quite the set quite the production thanks great to be here
um yeah born and raised in pittsburgh pennsylvania um as a young boy i just
found a knack for getting into trouble and um i was raised by a single mom and
i had a i had an amazing an amazing dad but a horrible father and my mother raised us my younger
brother and i were irish twins so we’re 11 months apart but from a very young age i was warned
away from the barber shop don’t go near the barbershop oh really and we walked to and from school and
you know i ended up going by the barber shop and it was always a place it was just attractive filled with filled with
guys camaraderie and you know at that time my father was coaching football and they were he was at youngstown state
and so dad was away so you know there really wasn’t an authoritative figure and mom worked for jobs he’s got the the
ashtrays in the chairs at that time absolutely yeah it was it was one of the best parts about it yeah smoke
cigarettes that’s when the image is yeah um and i just i fell in love with the
camaraderie of just a bunch of guys you know working in a place um now
granted it was in my eyes at 14 years old it was a was a functioning barber shop but it was a
obviously a mob front as well um but it wasn’t it wasn’t that comes later
but um it was the camaraderie and the
the community i enjoyed being a part of something where at home i really wasn’t
a part of anything it was kind of a little bit of a dysfunctional family so yeah it was nice to just have something
to be a part of and i just loved being in the salon um did they like having you around like
did they did i was just i was the little go-getter yeah you know if you needed something i ran and got it if you you know needed this or needed that it’s
another cigarette it was perfect having charlie around um you know i think uh and then as i
started actually training in the aspect of of of removing hair i’m not even gonna say hair cutting or barbering but
uh you know it was just removing hair they taught me how to do a straight blade shave
and um you know that was the first thing i did and i can remember at like 16 17 years old back of the neck or
for full no kidding seven strokes master barber can do a full face did you ever have a little learning curve snafu
uh yeah but you learned on balloons you put whipped cream on balloons and that’s interesting and the joke is that you
could never put a razor blade onto a balloon without it popping in your face so it’s just kind of like the right to pass so how many uh pops went to every
single one of them every show yeah yeah yeah then somebody told you it’s like impossible you can’t do it yeah the funny part is is the shaving cream goes
all over your face and yeah yeah yeah full and it makes a big pop and yeah you know before we move charlie was initiated into the barbershop yeah here
i am before we move on into your career yeah you told us just prior to the show starting you played some football
yourself but you have a interesting godfather story and your brother’s godfather i did yeah our entire family
um uh like i said from western pennsylvania and my father coached a
high school football team in western pennsylvania and um under that umbrella
was uh dave wanstad mike ditka mike holgram jim tressel
and these guys became godfathers um i’ll tell you who they are later brittany yeah some of those went on to have just
amazing careers my father was an offensive line coach um so he was just kind of a guy that
ended up in with a high school football team then moved on to youngstown state notre dame and then followed mike to um
the chicago bears but he was just you know he was the coach that was in the press box he was always worked with the big guys right
you know that was his thing so you know in those days whenever dad had us on the weekends and dad was coaching
it was you know son just sit here and i would just be in the film room and this is back long before you could power
point film and it was just the old vcr you know uh rewind fast forward rewind fast
forward so you know i like to think i’m the only hairdresser in the world that has has forgotten more
about football than most head coaches know just because i was just enthralled with it and whenever
you’re built into the obviously the offensive schematic of the game it’s built on the offensive
line so it’s something with me that football has always been a passion of mine and then obviously growing up in pittsburgh i
still bleed black and gold right yeah it’s a it’s a drinking town with a football problem yeah so um you know i
just i loved that aspect of it i just didn’t like the school aspect of it i was an amazing
athlete and i think i still have the high jump record in western pennsylvania uh in eighth grade i did track for the
local high school and um i loved athletics i loved basketball baseball anything with the ball but it
was just the school part you know never really clicked yeah did you like the camaraderie of the barber shop better or
like the team kind of like things of just what you were a part of with your you know i think in little league and you know as we grew up through peewee
and all of that um you know it was resemblance to my childhood because i was placed in a room full of men
you know it was just okay here you’re in a room full of men and it’s a football team and a bunch of coaches and trainers
so on and so forth so later in life whenever the barber shop in the salon um
obviously now my life is surrounded by women so it’s a completely opposite polar opposite but
the barbershop was kind of that that feel that maybe i was looking for when i was yeah when i was younger so yes
alluding to the team aspect very much so it feels like a barbershop around here sometimes
charlie when did you know you were good at the hair salon component when did you realize you had a talent for it
did that come later on uh owning and operating hair salons or being a hairdresser being a hairdresser
oh that was something that um you know i was a young young straight kid and i found out that
i could work with women so it was like you know yeah absolutely you know
sure i’ll work with girls like some of your some of your people you’ve mentored you and you have helped you get to where
you are the list is incredible so you first trained with vidal sassoon uh how did
this go down you know sassoon was um when he was uh obviously europe or not
obviously but he was a european-based hairdresser and he had salons in paris and in london and when he first moved um
to north america he opened a school in santa monica california but he had a
school in or he had salons in canada so that’s where i did my training was in
canada with him and uh later on to go to new york and work at his um
midtown salon were you did you were you like okay you got the barbershop thing and then you’re like okay this is the
obvious next step how did that come um giuseppe cartimon the guy that owned the barbershop um kind of put me in front of
vidal he kind of placed me there he told me you know this is where we’ll get the training this is how we’ll you know
mitigate into more growth for you to become successful
outside of working yeah with men what we do every day yeah and you’ve had a couple i mean that
vidal so soon just scratches the surface but one of your friends and mentors is chris mcmillan uh who’s a legendary
hairdresser he’s credited with the rachel from friends i mean how does it how does this guy come into your life you know chris came chris came
into my life um as as a lot of my friends and your closest friends and
acquaintances have is through sobriety whenever i got sober or was trying to
get sober um chris was sober and you know in beverly hills it was like chris had the only you know
like sober salon yeah you know and in order to work with chris you had to so i got to know chris through other friends
and um yeah i mean not only is he you know a friend and a mentor and a huge
component to my growth um you know there’s so many people out there that i accredit uh my success to today
that if i didn’t follow the path that they paved yeah i don’t know where i would be at today yeah so rihanna capri
nicki lee rodney cutler laurent dufour yeah i mean those are some some big names and
obviously you’re one of these you’re in the same category which is a testament to it i hope to be in the same category
you know these guys are you know laurent is uh old school um i remember when i was
i think 15 years old when i went to new york city for the first time i stood outside of his salon and on west
broadway and just stared at and thought maybe one day and then you know fast forward 10 years i’m in paris with
laurent and enjoying time with his family in paris and you know it’s kind of a pinch yourself but uh
it took a lot of hard work to get there and yeah i laid the groundwork was laid i just had to do the work for sure when
did you when did you start uh your first salon that was just yours you know i moved uh when i moved to texas i’ve been
here now i’ve been here 13 14 years um not from texas but i got here as fast as i could
um so it was uh one of those things where i moved here and i really didn’t have a place to work there was no groundwork
laid for me um were you coming from california you’re like i’m out no i was coming from new york okay you just
burned out yeah i was i was over there and no i was at the end of my heroine addiction
you know at the end i was just at the end good time to move i was at the end and uh a friend of mine was working on
wall street and he was moving his fund here and it was just the perfect opportunity for me to just hop in with
him and ended up in texas ended up in dallas and i didn’t know anybody here um
and i just figured if i could make it in new york city i’ll make it sure anywhere and
so i moved here without a place to work or without a place to call home but i knew that i had the hustler’s background
and you know if my mother taught me anything she taught me how to work hard yeah and i knew that i could
work hard and i knew that i would find my way as long as i was
just given a demographic and i was placed in dallas texas and i realized now my god what the the perfect
demographic for me to end up in did you open a place right there or you didn’t go work anywhere you’re like
no i didn’t i was just i couldn’t find a place yeah it was me so um
eighth grade education um no ged from jail um
only sober salon in dallas at the time uh yeah because it was just me yeah yeah
um so yeah i never you know i never imagined it would turn into what it did um
opened a salon in an apartment just leased an apartment for six months success immediately or was it a lot of
hard work obviously it’s hard work but it was it was it was getting my name out there but then it started to catch fire
of who i was and then the accredited um resume that i had right you know that i
wasn’t just a kid that was cutting hair in an apartment i actually worked you know 12 seasons at
milan paris new york fashion week and i was working with celebrities at the time and had
you know different outlets and i knew the chris mcmillan’s the laronta forks i knew the kylie jenners before they were
who they are today um social media icons but it was it was that that kind of
catapulted you know and i opened in the worst location possible
um here by charlie was on the seventh floor of the mason’s building and which was literally right next door to
the dallas county courthouse oh wow so it was the police and lawyers yeah and then this the masonic when it used to be
unionized it was the masons building so just rented a little room probably about
not even half the size of this and no phone um the elevator when i was on
the seventh floor yeah the elevator went to six and then you had to walk up another so i made myself completely
and utterly unobtainable yeah but dallas women loved it it worked right they wanted to go somewhere where nobody else
knew now with that did does it does it like the best kept secret like hey where’d you
get your haircut and it’s like i’m not telling you because it’s my secret it looks pretty how does that yeah it was
you know if there’s one thing i know about my business i mean in the world today it’s different working with a team
of 42 young hairdressers it’s kind of teaching this dog meaning i new
tricks but back when i was building my business i mean it was business cards and hustle you know and that was it
where the power of word of mouth was just so uh infectious yeah
and as soon as there was one it was like this guy he works at this you know apartment that you can’t find
yeah you know here’s here’s his website yeah it was like make the unobtainable obtainable and all
of a sudden it just one turned into two and two turned into twelve and twelve turned into twenty-four and yeah you does the fact i
can notice you have like quite a mane under that hat oh yeah does that may be more helpful than this like if i was to
go to people and say i’m a really accomplished hairdresser and it’s like well look at what you what you’re toting
around like that’s you know that’s that’s not good it was uh when i moved here from new york i
literally had the guido like i was just bald fade yeah you know i wore the rope
chain with the crow with the crucifix on the enemy i looked at i mean i looked as jersey as you could yeah um
and it wasn’t until my first business mentor he told me he’s like
he saw a picture of my hair when and he said
i’m just going to give you your million dollar idea i was like what he said grow your hair hair sorry
throw your dick out yeah yeah um and i did and it was like oh this it was a
thing you know it was it did turn into this yeah thing guy
person yeah so around this town fort worth specifically literally i know there’s a lot of salons
a lot of places a lot of options i don’t know many people that don’t go to your salon or to you specifically it’s funny
my everyone in my family and my friends circle knows you or knows somebody in your salon that it’s incredible you have
you have a vast reach in this town so great job there your list of clients uh i don’t know if they’re all still
current but list kendall jenner gigi hadid charlize throne i mean are these
still clients no no no no no no no these are pronounced do you pronounce throne that ray is it therein through
i mean that was part of my celebrity clientele that whenever i was you know working fashion week i was being booked
with them yeah and whatever shows they were working on you know here’s the thing about our industry i mean it’s
everybody has the check mark next to their name as celebrity hairdresser well it’s like okay i you know walked past um
kendall jenner in the bathroom one day so now all of a sudden she’s a client you know it’s like yeah you know but
have i worked with them have i touched their hair have i yes i have yeah but do i still know they have 25 hairdressers
at beck and golf no the last person they need is some guy in dallas texas to take care of them however it is fun
that still when people come into town that charlie does get reached out to i remember one of the one of the coolest
ones was one of my good friends was the stylist for stylist meaning clothing stylist okay
for motley crew and motley crew and alice cooper were coming to dallas and they said well charlie’s in dallas
i’m called so that they called my uh at the time i still had a representation with an agent they called
my agent said you know go meet with them while i was i mean i was so stoked yeah
i mean i’ve worked with some great people but i get to work with my crew yeah vince it was fantastic
doing the girls girls girls tour or something but then i get there and i realize okay number one they don’t stay in hotels
what do they say they hate one another they have four different tour buses
you you think like listen these guys have toured together for what 36 37
years yeah yeah they probably are you know the candles burn at both ends uh so i
get there and tommy’s in one vince is in another and then alice cooper’s in another but uh but yeah it’s still nice
to be the kid in texas that you know has that background but is it current
no right now it’s all about team it’s all about building a brand and maintaining and sustaining a brand
um fort worth has been absolutely incredible for us this was
our uh second location outside of dallas um so what was it did you sorry i didn’t
mean to write nope but i want i just wanted to go i don’t want to get too far ahead so we can go and find out how was
it a visit to fort worth and it’s like man maybe there’s something here i’m living in dallas or what or is it totally by design like never stepped
foot in fort worth fort worth i never went north of mockingbird you know it was just um
a girl that worked for me she started her career with me she was from um she grew up in mansfield and my
understanding is when you grow up in the mid cities you favor either fort worth or dallas
well lauren fahr she wanted something more for her career than what
arlington was giving her so she decided to move to dallas and she moved to dallas and she worked for me for eight
years as a hairdresser and this girl i mean from the day she started she just
needed the confidence boost that i could give her but from the moment she started this girl was just
like she was just the most naturally gifted hairdresser and just absolutely kick-ass
yeah and she reminded me of women that i worked with in you know all over the
world and it was just like this this young girl and she was just she was so talented so we nurtured her
and we built her up and she built herself and she turned into this incredible artist well lauren was you
know she lived in fort worth for the last two years that she worked for me and it was um
you know i didn’t want to lose her i felt like i was going to lose her and she was commuting from fort worth to dallas every day and it was
finally her and i just had a moment where it was like do we just let’s open a salon in fort worth yeah you you you
do it you know where she had the charlie and company culture instilled in
her that i felt really comfortable saying okay go operate this yeah so
what did i know about fort worth nothing you know anytime i still come out here i like to come out and be 15 10 15 minutes
early so i can get lost so i can make a right on lancaster instead of a left to go down south main you know just to find
see a little area or juncture that is new to me um and this and it was it was one of those
things i i say when people ask me how was starting a business in fort worth or how was it
opening a second location i often refer to the film um
armageddon no independence day with will smith yeah and they’re in the spaceship and they’re
trying to get through the force field and finally they get one bullet through and it blows up the force field and that
was for infiltrating fort worth for the first two years it was kind of like and is this gonna take off like where are
these people like i don’t know people here and then it was as soon as we got in
with some some folks and some families that just word of mouth just kept going and going going and now
we just moved our to a new location um and
it’s just been awesome being this being our second location and lauren still operates and runs it and she’s a
boss babe yeah killing it so it’s it’s a lot of fun and then you hands on and run the one in dallas or no you i do yeah
i’m in the dallas salon uh every day you know i see clients three times three times uh three days a week yeah um
and then i’m out in fort worth on uh thursdays just you know meeting our fort worth team and you know training and in
that aspect and then what about in austin austin i’m there once a month okay so we go down uh my i have a team
of assistants that travel with me so we head down to austin uh once a month and cater to our san antonio houston and
austin clients where where’s the location approximately down there and like how did that come about uh it’s on
the east side of austin right now it’s just a pop-up location we’re hope hoping to have a full-fledged uh building down
there in the next in the next year yeah um it’s been good but fort worth and dallas
have kept us yeah really busy and then when we go to austin it’s just you know 16-hour days you know taking
care of as many women as we can how many people do you work with i mean how people are employed with trump by
charlie we have 43 43 yeah we have 43 staff members incredible how many clients would you say is that a number
you know of the clients of the whole of the whole company oh god um i know today
in dallas there were 119 in so if i would times that by five operating
days i would say 500 clients a week uh fort worth kind of maybe falling just
a little bit behind that but not far how does that work like you if i come in i’m like hey i wanna i have experience
cutting here clearly because you’re established and you have the background you do but then is it
let me see what you how do you do that like i mean yeah on the job interview kind of like show me what you got or what you’re is it based on i’m glad you
asked that question you know one thing that’s built into our culture and into our in into our team at charlie and
company is that we don’t hire hairdressers so we hire kids right out of beauty school
it was a business model that we changed to about five years ago and it was the best decision i’ve ever made but it was
i just put everything on the line basically i put all my cards on the table and i said everybody’s fired i’m going to start from scratch and
we wanted to bring in kids right out of beauty school and we wanted to train them and build them into our culture
in the creative world you have a lot of ego and that ego is very infectious to
anything above or below it and we wanted everybody to be equal so the team that we have now although
it’s young it’s it’s it’s a team that has been creatively
touched by lauren and myself and then our team that has come before them as well
so that’s the really that was the catalyst that really catapulted us into
being we’re the bar you know charlie and company is the bar wherever we open we
will be the bar and the reason i say that we’re the bar is because we’re placing it
but you’re not going to cat you’re not going to get to the bar because we have another group and another team that are
coming in behind that that are learning and and educating and still teaching me i’ve been doing this
this is year 26 and i mean i work with the young girls all the time and i mean they’re they’re
teaching me more than i’m teaching them still love it though i mean that’s the biggest thing about it
i mean a lot of people have different definitions for success but my definition of success is waking up every
day and doing what you love yeah and you know if you can do those if you can do that then i believe i don’t believe
there’s any better yeah how would you describe your leadership style um
because you empower people no doubt you have to do their best leadership style it it it starts with a
vision everybody has to be on the same playing field and i think a lot of that
comes from my mother showing me what work ethic look like right so nobody just gets you gotta work
to get she was a single mom right single mom kids worked for four jobs so i knew what
the definition of work and and i knew how to then you know later in life i became a drug dealer so
i knew if i wasn’t out on the block then you know i wasn’t gonna you know but
i i would say it’s it’s i i’ve i’m filled with empathy
so that’s the first word that came to my mind and the reason when you said what’s your leadership style i would probably
say it’s empathetic in a sense of i don’t want anybody to ever have to do what i had to do to get to where i’m at
but if you want to follow in my shoes you’re going to have to do what i did yeah you know so not everybody has to do
to do what the hell i did yeah but i have enough experience that i can show
you along the way in the easier softer way yeah as opposed to going through the gauntlet like yeah so you i mean there’s
that technical aspect obviously because of your list of clientele but how much of that camaraderie like how much of
that barber shop are you bringing in too kind of the emotional because i’ve got to think that’s a pretty key component
to having people in there and getting them back obviously the finished product is really good but but how much is that
that kind of vibe when you’re in there you know you want your customer to feel good and and taken care of in there and
how much of that would you say was drawn or was that just an experience in life that provided you
a like a door open for you i mean again i’ll put all my cards out there and tell you there’s
there’s two dozen kids kids there’s 200 i mean there’s two
dozen men and women that work for me that can i mean that are
far more creative and skilled than i was at their age um
99 of my businesses relationship 99.9 of my
business is yeah you know people love banter they love a relationship um
you know i’ve had some women that i’ve been working with you know for 15 years and yeah you know i i’ve worked with
them through marriage through divorce through kids through ups their downs you know that relationship that’s built with
people is priceless just so happens that i give a really good haircut in that in the meantime or
i do really nice color in the meantime but it’s a relationship driven business just like anything is it doesn’t matter
you know we’re kind of getting out into the other world of you know virtual and social media and this
that and the other where it’s just kind of losing the realm of i told you that i opened my businesses off word of mouth
only you know instagram and facebook weren’t i mean my space was around but yeah um
you still on myspace page jdub i got rid of it last week yeah i saw some of your videos you put out there
i’m just totally kidding charlie but not really
about your instagram uh one of your one of your really fine people is ryan castle who i know you’re a fan of this
guy he told me the story that you found him on insta dm’d him and he that’s how you found him
yeah he also shared that this is this is no this is supporting the point you just made who is a hugh who is he he works
with with charlie yeah charlie ryan’s one of our ogs he was with us the day that we opened the fort worth location
okay so he told he told me that in the five years that i guess he’s been around more than that but five years you’ve
lost three people which is fantastic that just shows that you’re whatever you’re doing there people are not
wanting to leave they’re not using you as a springboard they’re they’re there and they’re happy in their environment and that’s that’s a that’s a pretty
awesome testament to you yeah it is it’s nice to hear ryan say that too because um he paid me he’s exactly right there
are three girls that uh that that left uh that left us under their power and
you know to be quite honest i i i love when people leave to do something great or do something
better but you know i have a really hard time with accepting where i take a personal relationship
with my team is a lateral move you know if you’re if you’re a banker and you’re working at
you know jp morgan and you just move to fidelity it’s like well what why’d you do that that was dumb we can we can work
this out but the the ones that have left have opened uh two two of the girls that worked for me opened a new salon in fort
worth they just opened so i’m super stoked for them really proud of them um there’s no animosity like i said
again when you have the confidence that i have in my team in saying that we’re the bar you just have to we’re just
going to keep raising it yeah it’s it’s a good feeling to have to know that your team feels the same and we
we want the most for our team um this isn’t you know charlie’s
again if this was a get-rich-quick scheme i would not be owning hair salons i guarantee it yeah um i do it because i
love watching growth i love watching ryan start with us six years ago having i don’t know i think ryan might
have had a dozen clients and now i mean my entire family exactly
not only as a hairdresser but as a man you know he’s gotten married he’s had just had his baby um
to watch growth in a human being there’s no commas or zeros attorneys to
that boys you know there’s nothing better than bringing a young woman or a young man as a part of and just
watching them grow because of something that you’ve created yeah yeah and there that’s priceless that’s why i do this
yeah that’s why i do can we talk a little bit about your sobriety and you mentioned a couple times on during the show of things you’ve been through can
we talk about that for a moment yeah i um it’s a pretty amazing story i got sober um august 19
uh was my last uh was my last drink and i got i got into it quick like i
said as we started um i alluded to you know having a problem with authority
uh from a young age i was always looking for an out i was always looking for something to get me out of me and as
soon as i found um alcohol it was uh that was the that was the the taste maker and that paved
the way for bigger and better things but um you know i i went hard really really
young really early and it wasn’t because of a f’ed up family or i had a great mother
and i had a great dad you know it was they weren’t around so i could just kind of appeal to my own self and
um i went at it hard i climbed the i climbed the ladder of drug addiction pretty quickly yeah and uh you know as
soon as alcohol wasn’t doing it you know it was crack cocaine when crack cocaine wasn’t doing it heroin did it when heroin wasn’t doing it you know it was
just always something you’re cutting hair all along while doing oh yeah yeah yeah i was uh i was living in the heyday
whenever it was just i mean i would go do two clients and head straight to the bathroom and bang a bag
of dope just to even even myself out i could never function maybe it was at a time when the hair was a little not as
important like it’s kind of 80s haircuts flock of seagulls and it’s okay to be all right and do that i don’t it was uh
that era of hairdressing was hairdressing was still very glamorous and it was still very chic and
very you know now we use the word bougie but at that time it was um you know a suit and tie to work and you
know dealing with you know the wealthy of the wealthy of the upper east side and you know it was it was very chic it
was uh it wasn’t but i slowly or very quickly very rapidly turned that from
very chic to very disgusting for myself and you know my last my last drink was
actually on my mother’s birthday and um i don’t think she or i you know she
passed away last year but up until that point i don’t you know whenever i did decide that that was my
bottom that i was done yeah um thank god i quit then because i often
think now if if i don’t think i would be here i’d well i don’t think i know i wouldn’t be here probably in the
physical yeah um not only in the spiritual mental aspect but uh but yeah it’s a huge part of my
personal growth and who i am i wear my sobriety on my sleeve i love
talking about it um i do a lot of outreach and service work with young juveniles and young kids that are
you know having a problem understanding that this isn’t a phase you know putting putting a spike in your arm that’s
that’s not a phase yeah so you know um you see it a lot in your industry i mean you catch it a lot like just you do um
i mean it’s everywhere just it’s everywhere you know it’s like now it’s just so socially accepted you know where
when i was doing it was still you had to hide in a bathroom and you weren’t ashamed of it yes yeah you know where
now it’s you know it’s a just how many people can you fit into a stall you know
yeah yeah um so it’s with the social acceptance of
what’s out there today yeah it’s it’s terrifying yeah you know i mean when i was getting high it was you know
you had to worry about the drug dealer putting baby powder or you know cornstarch in it now you got
phenomenal yeah yeah i mean there’s no question i’d be dead if you know i was still
living that uh that life of roulette yeah well huge respect for you and what you’ve done
that’s that in itself is an amazing story and i assume that charlie and co in your career has filled the void that
the drugs used to have for you but you’ve built such an incredible thing is that is this a replacement for all those
things you did back then in some way interesting that you say that there’s you know as in recovery you know and
through personal growth in recovery is you know for when i was using drugs and alcohol i was filling that void with
something you know and some people choose gambling some people choose women some people choose whatever it might be
um my truly it it gives me the open mindedness to want
to help others and like i just talked about ryan and i talked about my team it’s the growth aspect that keeps me it
keeps me going i love seeing witnessing growth and being a part of it well i mean it sounds like you yourself
have grown right you’ve witnessed oh my gosh don’t continue yeah where i’m embarking on a huge
so charlie price who the heck is this other charlie price that’s out there doing similar things to you he’s he’s an
incredible charlie price um charlie there’s charlie price aveda and charlie
price sassoon and charlie price aveda is a a guy that he and i share the same name
we share the same industry and we share a lot of the same clients um
charlie price is a incredible editorial hairdresser based out of denver he works
all around the world people often get us confused but charlie price
the other charlie price is bald and wears these beautiful black horn rim
glasses so looks could not be more deceiving than the name um but it’s kind of flattering
to hold a name with that charlie price as well
you love to travel i know this yeah love traveling and you have also
uh you’re about to be a dad you’re married to a lovely lady melissa and you’re about to be a dad here in a
few months correct yeah congrats yeah man thank you finally tricked one into marion having my kid
uh yeah i’m stoked uh july 31st we’re gonna have uh i’m gonna have my first son we’re not gonna have a baby boy
congratulations i just thought uh there was no question that a girl was in my future um maybe she still is but we
thought this first one was gonna be a uh we thought for sure that this was gonna be a girl and uh when i found out i was
having a son i just was all right related yeah um melissa is 25 weeks
pregnant so congrats i like to think i know what i’m doing though i’ve worked with women for the last 26 years so yeah
i think i i think i know what i’m doing here oh wait those kids are royal you big yeah i can’t wait yeah i can’t wait
last question before we get to the the end of this an interview you uh so it seems like you’re a guitar lover
you we’ve seen it we’ve seen a photo of you with a guitar you’re shirtless how’s the guitar the guitar playing coming
along man i can’t even get through one single chord of a jane’s addiction song but uh is that your big band did you
fave i’d love jane’s addiction mm-hmm they were they were you here when they came for the first lalapaloosa no i
wasn’t or the second yeah um but you know that i know what you’re talking about i know what you’re
alluding to and it was a um my publicist was at my house and it was doing like a
at home with charlie price and there was a um there was a guitar
sitting on my um let’s call it bedside table well
one of my favorite guitar players john vishanti signed it and it was just sitting there and it’s i mean i don’t put it in a big
memorabilia case it’s just there it’s just you know you do those guys here red hot chili fabric no but i mean god
john’s life and his mess of a life and you know his constant
ups and downs he’s just always just a legend in my mind so the the guitar was sitting next to my bed and my publicist
is like yeah take take your shirt off i’m like my publicist is a male yeah and
the photographer’s female she’s like yeah get in bed and you know grab one of those hats and put a hat on so i’m
sitting in my bed with jeans on with no shirt on with a hat yeah and they’re i’m acting like i
can play the guitar um because i can’t play the guitar although i wish i could yeah um
but there’s a really good story about that and this will be maybe our next episode but i was uh in
pittsburgh at a steeler game and i rented a house for my family and my entire family is staying at this house
and i’m outside having my morning coffee on the stoop as you do in pittsburgh and a homeless man walks by
and you know he just wanted to have conversation so we started talking and one or two minutes go by he’s like
what’s one of your biggest regrets charlie i said ah man biggest regret i never learned how to play the guitar
and he said that’s a regret just go inside and learn how to play guitar yeah and he was right
you know it’s one of those things like although i might look at it as a regret but uh there’s always time to learn but
uh yeah there is a photograph all over the place of me in my bed
playing guitar that’s cool that’s cool thanks for bringing that up two quick questions one real quick one truck so um if you
weren’t doing this what do you think you’d be doing job wise i’d be a dentist why that’s an awesome answer because i
wouldn’t have to talk to people seriously they could not talk back right correct or they could try i love what i
do i love what i do creatively technically yeah my skill you like drilling in this stuff
when i’m done with fridays i’m so done talking yeah my wife knows
nothing social on fridays um going out to dinner with friends it’s it’s a feat
you know you i i love it yeah that when i walk into a restaurant people there know me there’s
clients i’m meeting their husbands i’m doing this and you know but it it’s really tiring yeah you know
being on all the time so to answer your question i would be a dentist and i answer that quite i still get to work
with my hands yeah um and people cannot speak back and it’s really good yeah and there’s no conversation yeah and you
make a lot of money oh yeah yeah i’ve never been to the dentist to not have spent a couple grand yeah so it’s like
that’s i think for the monetary value okay last question so we ask uh and no family
right just to keep it kind of tricky best day of your life
wow that was uh i mean i couldn’t not say when i found out that
my wife was pregnant that’s good i mean i am 41
i always thought about what it would be like to be a father um wow that’s making me like
emotional yeah yeah it’s it’s the day that i found out that i was gonna be a father it’s like it took me long enough
yeah you know now that it’s here it was by far the best day that’s a great my life you didn’t mention that cutting
charlize theron’s hair because i would have thought that’d be a pretty significant yeah
that was pretty fun you know she was uh at the height of her career then and also just kidding no it’s uh charlie
price thank you for being here you’ve done an awesome job fort worth loves you dallas loves you whatever you’re doing keep doing it brother we appreciate you
very much thank you thank you
roxo media house