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Cameron Fowler Digital Seat Founder

Cameron Fowler

Cameron Fowler is the co-founder of Digital Seat Media, a fan engagement platform™ that specializes in real-time mobile fan engagement right from the seat inside of the venue.

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I do this on my own so you know how that goes. Well it’s not up to snuff stuff that doesn’t work Welcome back to fortitude guys it is Brinton Payne across for me JW Wilson is who’s speaking this dude. He must be excited by Yeah, I think it’s fortitudeFW is our our handle on social media in ROXO Media House on the internet if you wish to email or find us on our enduring the 90 degree December days 85 But yes I am. Yeah, that doesn’t do anything for my allergies right? You do 85 In December you do look a little puffier than normal, but I look puffy like this all the time. So it’s because I just ate like three chocolate chip cookies in your kitchen. Yeah,
you could probably smell them. I knew the cheese puffs would have to be brought in somehow. So which I bought it in Office Depot, which it’s not really the place you think of buy snacks, but it was so large and plentiful that the jar of Cheetos
They’re good. Yes, they are. They’re not good for you, though, as you can probably imagine. So they’re plastic. Yeah. The voice you’re hearing is the name of Cameron Fowler, the owner, founder of digital seat media. And thank you for joining us, Cameron, we’re honored to have you in our presence. You have a phenomenal story. We’re gonna we’re gonna get all in that today. Thanks so much for having me. Thanks for being here. Absolutely. As the As we just learned, you are a Southwest Christian high school graduate, you’re 20 or 2004. And then the really cool part kids close your ears. He didn’t go to college. Yeah, right. But there’s a good reason for that. So tell us how digital seat found you?
pre pandemic pre snap the picture of the QR for your like, menu, all that stuff?
Speaking of what the heck is a QR code for those who aren’t don’t know you.
here in now we’ll a QR replace like a UPC or this totally separate like it’s kind of in my conflating. No
So you came up with this, this QR code for seats. And I know the story is, I’ve heard it before. But tell us a story about how you were sampling all these ways to stick it on a seat where people like Britain would peel it off, you take it home with it? Yes, you have super adhesive on that, because I would, I was just thinking, I would peel that off. Well,
I do have a question about it. If I was to have a rather large amount of Big League Chew bubblegum, and stuck it to cover almost all of that, what would happen?
So I sit down on my seat camera and and I open my phone and place it over this QR code. In a perfect world, what are all the opportunities that are afforded me with this QR?
soon too much is one of the modules go directly to China. So all the information on my phone, they have access to
You don’t have a list of like for oshine. Like, these are the kids who are really getting out of hand at the stadium on these seats because they scanned it. And we know all their personal info.
You see how he didn’t say no?
Each tag is a unique to its own seat right there, not just a corral 55,000 tags, everyone is unique. It’s like
up. Is it the experience you carry like a machine? Is it or are the labor Labor’s got to be so much better now as
beginning. How many teams how many schools are utilizing this technology?
You can tell us we won’t be out. No, no, no, no, it’s
Moms. Oh, and we have Belgium listeners there.
What was the first one Virginia Tech that was the first one
Yeah, for sure. So once that one got going, did it all fall into place? I mean, cuz you’ve been at this for a while. This wasn’t just like an overnight thought of an idea type of deal.
I can only imagine that their analytics Guys, Mike wells did.
and that happens to me a lot around here.
you’re probably understanding why.
Cameron, how does digital seat make its money off these tags.
Have you gotten back into MLB? Or they’re still no way. So maybe I’m touching on the big announcement that a month,
Yeah. It’s not just like if somebody threw a tortilla from a certain seat or something. That’s exactly right. Or do you just instead of making the whole stand move to another section? So yeah, so you’ve also told me before that in I don’t know if you’re there yet, but you could actually put this in Las Vegas to the Raiders? Do the Raiders have this? And it could that could you gamble from these things at some point somewhere. So that
you look at me. Yeah, why did JW look? He didn’t get that cuz he’s looking at me. But he said a lot of reflection over there. Okay, I’m gonna look inward. Yes. I’m gonna crawl into Cameron’s brain. I’m gonna ask this. And I L. Yeah. This seat technology. Yeah, what happens?
Let me connect. There you go. Hey, Danny Glover.
So this could literally be everywhere, not just sports in that, but it could be everywhere. At some point in front of us in every capacity of our life.
Have you had any really weird incident reports? Yeah. Have you seen anything? Are we so
I would think Can you get us some stickers for our seats at the podcast? Absolutely do that. We could then go to the website and pick the design. It’s gonna be two heads on there. Oh, that’s totally cool. But if there was something where he could assist me with some things just like this, he fixed
One of the new things you’ve done, digital student, yes. So the new new inventions of you guys. I think it’s phenomenal in first a lot of the reasons you’ve already talked about this far. But how does digital student work?
idea. And not not just because of the big picture, but the mental health perspective, you just talked about, like a kid, these kids that are having these issues. This is a quick and easy and more desirable way to reach out for help. Right? In your own comments the other day on the phone. I mean, these kids need someone to step in intervene in calling a phone number on an ID doesn’t really work anymore. They don’t want to do that it’s they feel to
and a nominal idea at their camera, and kudos to you. So on that note on ideas, do you find yourself as an entrepreneur? Like, sometimes the idea is just keep going and going like, do you have to? I mean, I would imagine with this, there are people coming to you, and your own creativity is such that we could do this, we do this, like how do you hammer that down? Or do you
So real quick, though, I mean, kudos to you for not only doing the patent stuff, like the real hard, like devil in the detail work, but also implementing the actual product and idea, right, it’s not just a show, but as some of the exit strategy on this. Like, if we got enough patents, man, someone’s gonna come trolling along and grab, like, these fish will bite, you know,
What have you thought about doing it for JBS close? You know, if he was to go to a summer camp or something where he could just scan it, you’d know that it belonged to him, or we’re pretty fishing shirts,
And back. Oh, that’s just a bit QR code a t shirt. Yeah. I have a legitimate question now. So the company’s doing really well. Pandemic hits us all live all live sporting, comes to a halt. Yeah. So you’re in a holding pattern there. People going out to eat finally, or QR codes became a more of a prevalent thing in our lives. Does Is there a benefit to the pandemic because of just because the QR code became so in your face all the time?
What a QR code tattoo and be able to be scanned on scan people
I will take that instead of actual seat one we’ll take the temporary tattoos website
forehead only camera biggest challenges for digital seat media,
I’ve just thought of an idea. I’m not fully Do you want to hear it? This close? But can you do the QR from far away? Or does it have to be right there? Like, could you zoom in on the camera to get a QR, like on a sign far away? Yeah, we do
On the TV, I didn’t, I didn’t know that. I just read the yellow tag to see how much energy I’m saving
to throw it up on the Jumbotron, you can zoom in and you have to grab it. Yeah. Oh, wow. And we
if you go to a sporting event, you might actually see that so I didn’t know you could go to them. It was just only for a super fans like my partner here. Are you able to go to sporting events now with what’s what’s been happening and still enjoy the way that you used to love sports? Or is it now a different animal for you?
Very cool camera. And we’ve enjoyed hearing about hearing your story. This is phenomenal stuff. So thank you for joining us,
we always finish it. You could do it this time. You know, camera, you might I don’t know if you’ve ever heard it never shows. If you haven’t, it’s okay. You know, we have a few people out there listening but in Belgium or Germany? Yeah. Besides family, all that stuff? What’s the best day of your whole life?
first one from an actual event they were performing a task and nobody ever tells us that was like the moment that’s it that was wait a sport is an event you know, they’re actually one I’m kidding. That’s a great and
of this whole was just huge. Like
that’s awesome. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do when your kid says, Dad? I’m not going to college. What are you going to sell? Or you’re going
hear that kids. Yep, go to school. Don’t do drugs. There you go. Cameron Fowler digital seat media. Thank you sir. Access. Appreciate it. Thanks Cameron.