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Fentanyl 101 - Narcotics Officer Jermy Prescott

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Fentanyl 101 – Narcotics Officer Jermy Prescott

The DEA has called it the most dangerous drug our country has ever faced. FWPD Narcotics Officer, Jeremy Prescott details everything you need and didn’t want to know about Fentanyl. From its source, to its forms, to our schools, to the daily overdoses, to the vastness of the problem facing our country. This one will terrify you. 

Crime Stoppers at: 817-469-TIPS (8477) or WWW.469TIPS.COM

Fighting Fentanyl: https://www.hhs.texas.gov/services/mental-health-substance-use/mental-health-substance-use-resources/fighting-fentanyl 

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