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Season 2 / Episode 1: Fortitude Panther City Lacrosse Club

Will Malcom | Nathan Grenon | Phil Caputo


JW and Brinton were joined by three amazing Panther City Lacrosse Club players Will Malcom, Nathan Grenon, and Phil Caputo. The guys share what it’s like to play professional lacrosse in Texas while living in Canada. They share how they got into the game, the difference between field and box lacrosse, and so much more. Be sure to check out this amazing start to season 2 of FORTitude.


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Welcome back to 42 books season two is upon us. I am JW Wilson. This guy in the red cap Tex hat is a guy by the name Brinton Payne, otherwise known as BP new sponsors. Happy Birthday Brinton season two’s upon us. CapTex Bank brand new sponsor Brinton. Yes. local bank, one of two local banks in town out of 60 choices. There’s only two that are local. One of them’s Capitex Bank, Mike Thomas, friend of ours. He’s such a cool guy. He’s one of the few guys that will tell you call me day or night or text me anytime. And he’ll respond. And damned if he doesn’t, because I like to bother him sometimes late at night, and he’ll call me back. So I don’t know how many presidents of banks out there do that? I’m willing to bet not very many of them. Oh, yeah.


Yep. And in for our Canadians. We have banks here in the US, right. It’s not all crypto for the young kids that we got here. Like there’s still this like dollar and deposit and stuff. And that’s what Mike does. I’m just kidding you guys there. Look.


We’re going back to our sponsor really quick, local people making local decisions. And it was interesting stuff for you guys. Canadians is awesome. They have 100 years of executive local banking experience. And when people talk about buying local, they should probably talk about bought banking local, right by local bank local area. makes pretty good sense. I think so. Thank you, Mike Thomas. Thank you CapTex bank. We’re honored to have you today in show Brinton. We got three members of the Panther city lacrosse team. Boom. Welcome to the show you guys. Intro you guys. Yeah. So on my immediate left, we have will, Malcolm number four. He’s 511 180. He’s 22 years old baby. He’s from New Westminster, British Columbia. To his left is the heat seeking missile Nathan grant, and we’ll tell you why we call him that number. 28 510 175 pounds 22 as well. And then we got the old man feel kokuto number 19. In your program, six, three. We’ll


call him Uncle Phil. Six


320 And he’s 28 years old. So it makes us look like grandpa’s thank you guys for being here. Welcome to fortitude FW fortitude FW on social media. If you guys want to learn more. Welcome to show again. Thank you. Before we get into some hard hitting questions, real quick one question about your guy’s hometown. See how well you know your hometowns? Start with you will you know the most famous person from Westminster British Columbia,


most famous person? That’s correct. And is it like a sports guy?


It’s an actor. I’ll give you a hint to actor Ryan Reynolds. Is that true?


He’s from Vancouver, but


we can’t count that.


How close is New West Vancouver? Like 15


minutes away? Oh, it’s just like I usually tell people I’m from Vancouver, Holly say


from Plano say I’m from Dallas. Yeah, but it’s different. Yeah,


answer is Raymond Burr. Who is Raymond barn never heard see Daisy, the Perry Mason. The guy who read it in the beginning stats, guys. Remember? Good. Thanks for the help is really bad. Anyway, that’s the right answer. But what if Ryan Reynolds his next question? Okay. Nathan grinton. Number 28. Who is there’s a lot of oh, by the way, lots of famous hockey guys from your town. Yeah. Holy cow. Yeah. times will you look up notable people from your town. It’s something but hockey guys. This isn’t really a challenge. But who is the most famous hockey player from New Westminster? New Westminster? Stittsville Stittsville. I said you got it wrong. I just did.


Ontario. A donor’s job born who is


the most famous hockey player from Stittsville. Besides you hockey careers short live is it? They might be listening Chris.


Chris Neil or? Chris Phillips? Yes. That’s correct. Which one didn’t


have an answer? them and I couldn’t choose any of them. Because they’re all the guys that I’ve heard of or knew something. I couldn’t pick a favorite. But yeah, except that in the last on the question list, Phil Caputo, Brampton, Ontario. Is that still that still that’s what’s the right answer? Right, Brampton. Okay, who’s the mayor of Brampton, Ontario. Come? Your mayor that’s that should be easy, right?


I Patrick Brown. That right? That’s correct. Hey.


By the way, the reason I went with you last because I kind of got a beef with you. Um, I went to the Calgary game on the see the 20th of February, so a few weeks ago, and we were there early during warm ups, this flu over the glass and struck me very hard on the arm last like son of a gun look up to find out if it came from your stick. Why are these flying over the wall? Do we warm up? I know it’s a common thing because they’re everywhere. But I wanted to talk to you about that because I want to see if you autograph this after the show. Yeah, cool.


And I gotta hit them up.


Yeah, anyway, so how did you guys so everyone says oh these are all the hockey players and then they just get they hire him they come down here for the weekend and play box across so maybe each you guys will just like real quick talk about how you got into it and and kind of what the lacrosse routes if they weren’t the cross routes like hockey was how did it start? Let’s go ahead Phil.


I just have three other brothers so I was always playing whatever sports they’re playing and it was for me it was hockey, lacrosse hockey in the winter and then I put the skates away. I play lacrosse in the summer. Yep. That was that. Okay,


yeah, lacrosse really wasn’t a big thing in my family. I’m the first and pretty much only one to play it so just in the summertime one time watch my brother play soccer went into the arena to go to the bathroom. They’re playing lacrosse and I was like that’s how it all started for me.


Oh, like they were having a box game. Yeah. Before it Oh, for sure.


Yeah, for me. I’m the opposite. I never played hockey. I don’t know I always got mad at my dad. But he said I didn’t want to play so I never got to play but my my dad my uncles all played lacrosse was kind of like when I was born. And lacrosse is big then Yeah, especially in New Westminster. It’s really big where I’m from and my brother plays in NLL same league as me, so Oh, no. Looking up to him.


Are you gonna play against him?


I have not played against them. We don’t play them this year. He’s in place for Alberni so he’s in a different


okay you guys have any friends or family who play as well in


a lot of friends I play with drones that you met your Oh really? And that alone playing on our team as well?


No kidding. Are they the ones that Nathan always fight? Is that is that because of that?


I don’t know. I don’t


know those guys. Are you just it never it’s never personal. Yeah. Just the game


would you tell us they don’t know what sort of training regular lacrosse in box the cross which is what you guys do? Yeah. So


box the cross compared to feel as we play in like a hockey rink. Same exact thing talking about we’re on turf. So the way I would explain is like it’s almost like basketball the way they play defense like five on five and like a box. And then you’re just going up and down. Our offensive players go on they play offense, we lose the ball, you get off their defensive players go on. And I think what makes it a little more entertaining the field across is our short clock name is basketball. You have 30 seconds. So makes the game really fast paced up and


they do not call the fastest game on two feet for nothing. I mean, we’ve been to a few matches it’s it’s unbelievable how the action never stops. Yeah, the thing we have a question about the rotation. I’m as we’ll get to it now. But tell us about if you don’t mind why you guys rotate every single position. What’s going on there with that? Nathan, please tell if you don’t mind.


Like just to reiterate like You mean, like guys come on


position and you rotate in almost every play


every like there’s times you’ve only been on there like two seconds. Nathan like you come on. Oh yeah, and you right


off. So it’s just to reiterate what we’re saying. It’s like that’s the change of possession. So that’s all five offense coming off, but we can put all five of our defense out on the floor.


And it’s the idea that that substitution takes place when those guys can run faster than somebody will clear that ball to the other side is like that’s the goal kinda


Yeah, we also have transition players so you’ll have one probably defenseman that’ll run the ball up as well just to pass it off to the old guys or you have some trust and a couple of guys to like come back on defenses


for yeah I think the idea is just like some guys are better at the some are better at Oh, but I they back in the day guys played both ways. And then it slowly just changed it is up here offensive players pure defense.


Oh, really? So the line changes like every


day there’s some guys who want to NCAA stuff but on offense because they just don’t have the hands. Big hands big ball but then they’re on the other end of


the floor so like blocks Yeah.


So the the grass players or the non box players always claim that the box is a little sneaky. Like I’ve heard things like Can you can you thumb the ball in the net? Like I’ve heard all kinds of different rule like dirty and maybe not dirty is the right word, but it’s just crazy. Yeah, you’re


not cheating. You’re not trying.


Yeah, yeah. Is that what it


means? There’s a bunch of guys Ronnie who’s you can do that on can


put a target on your back okay,


go fill the schedule you guys keep most most that know about Panther see know that most of you guys are Canadians. And you fly down for Wednesday Thursday in practice, practice game. Could you explain how the schedule works in your because you guys all have other jobs right?


But actually this year we’re living in a market. Oh, schedule has been a lot easier for me and us this year. We’re just practicing during the week working out doing lessons with kids and then practicing on the Friday game Saturday and then back to it repeat. Oh well, nice. Like seasons before prior I’d work during the week and then you’d have this Friday off you fly out here. Depending what game you play for you practice some teams don’t practice some teams do and then the morning shoot around walkthrough and then game on then you’re flying home Sunday morning. Wow.


Pregame nap.


Yeah for shadow naps.


Well, let’s talk to Nathan real quick Britain because we have a story I told you all fair. We want to share this with you. We’re at the game again. Maybe it was Calgary or a previous one. And we’re sitting with Brinton and we’re watching it was before the game maybe was during the game, sorry. And he’s like, he says to me, this is not a joke. He’s like, look at number two of them are 28 He’s like, That guy’s like a heat seeking missile. I’m like, I was like, Oh my God. He is like you for some reason. You see, like, all sudden, you’ll fly through these, this group and you’ll just like, lay into somebody. And it’s awesome. I was like, This guy’s got an attitude. There’s something cool about this guy. Not that you guys aren’t cool. But this grinning guy like he’s going after people. It’s


got some of this


is there it is. So what’s going on with that? That’s awesome. Is that just kind of how you’re wired? I think


it’s just a My Little Man comp is definitely why


you got like only older brothers.


Yeah, I got one older brother, but I don’t think that was ever the issue. wasn’t like he wouldn’t weigh on you and your kid. I think it was roles reverse there. Yeah. No, I just I guess gotta find different ways to do things that teammates I guess. So yeah, just play hard and fast that things will come but


you’ve you’ve grown as a player, like you noticed that like when you first came out, there was a lot of that. But you scored in the last game when we went and and I think that continues. So you can tell that it’s just it’s like, yeah, the aggressiveness is part of it. But then there’s also because really, you know, Lacrosse is a finesse game, right. And there, you shouldn’t be hitting everybody in there. It’s it’s really managing of that space, and that ball and passing and maybe guys talk a little bit about that. And kind of how you you try to become like this finesse player,


I find also it’s just like understanding your role as well. Like, just like, some guys are better at offense, some guys are better defense, some guys are better at certain things of offense. So like, you got two leading points on the team. And then we got to be there for different roles to free them open.


Yeah, yeah. So for the young lacrosse players out there, I got one in my house, who’s in eighth grade. And you can see when these kids can shoot, opposite hand, they get, they get to go every time. So maybe like talk about just the dominance of like one hand versus another and how I mean, it’s like crazy how


I mean honestly caught up, I never even I don’t even know how to really know, I never I never switch hands during a game. It’s not really inbox across. And I really have to it’s not really needed. But I know there’s just something I never I was never back this girl


inbox across a dominant, right. You don’t really have as much time in box across because we’re in such a smaller space compared to field. Yeah, whereas in field, you have so much space and time to switch over to that other hand. In box across, you kind of always have a guy that’s on your handset and your stick. You try to switch hands and it’s


not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen and you don’t eat in the boxcars. You don’t have the the underhand like the roll shot. You know, do you


got that in my repertoire?


That’s really shot.


I’m sorry. Yeah. Last game like that. Game back again.


I was at one of the games. Calling me out. Not cool.


This is the first season for Panther city. I know the record isn’t what you want it to be not. We’re not here to talk about that. But what are your thoughts on the the club the program the way things are going if you don’t mind? I wonder to time are you I know you guys are positive. You’re trying to get this thing going. Crowds are starting to get better, I think what start with you what what’s the thought?


Oh, obviously, yeah, we started off slow. But no, we’re still in the race, we still have a chance to make playoffs if we keep winning some games. But uh, I just think it’s great. Especially how green this area is with lacrosse. I think once we get like, like, once you come to one game, like they’ll want to come back. Like, it’s so fast, and it’s fun to watch. And obviously, we’re a new group and expansion team. But uh, like, our team’s whole motto is like we’re not expansion, or we’re regular team. And I think we’re only going to get better obviously, we’re like, I think the youngest team in the league. Oh, yeah. So I think we’re only going up.


That’s great. Yeah, there’s a lot of room for improvement and things like that. We’re all high hopes kind of everybody on our staff to get this team together this year. I was drafted this year so I’ve really nothing to compare it to but it was such an easy transition. And you know coming into the league 22 years old living in market leaving home it’s definitely like a process you get to go through and guys have been great. I guess that’s really all I can be grateful for as well. Yeah, I think playing the sport I love right. Yeah,


I think the biggest thing is just we’re building the culture here. Like we’re trying to build a winning culture and all the wins are in common but the compete levels there every game and that’s something that TK really hammers down on is our compete and our will and our resiliency to bounce back from adversity especially last game, you know, blowing that lead late and then, you know, like, we’re on the bench like they tied it we’re all like not like we’re gonna win this game and sure enough like we go on next game and or next shift and three reps on home so I think he’s hammering down the compete level in us and yeah, gonna go a long way.


Do you guys go back home and like are celebrities in your hometown? Like is it vague there? I mean, some of the smaller places maybe or is it just it’s something you go and do and then you come back and it’s like,


I wouldn’t say the library maybe like if you go into lacrosse arena, like some people might recognize that stuff. But yeah, I wouldn’t say people are bombarding you. Yeah, I’m town.


Have you enjoyed the life though? That it’s like provided, you know, like, kind of was golfing last? Would you play golf here in Fort Worth? Yeah,


I mean, they’ll go and hit the links wells. The wells, just start now. Oh, sweet.


Are you guys he was making enough money. I mean, he was my dad asked him. Are you making enough money to do this to sustain yourselves? Yeah, that’s fantastic.


Are you like Texas? Like when you came down? Were you kind of blown away by hopefully it was


really culture shock. But yeah, the weather’s nice things. I look back home and it’s like t minus well, yeah. We’re nice. Yeah. Nice. Nice.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s a different world over there. Yeah. You guys are Billy Bob’s. That’s what you said. Did you go to a bobsled?


Now get some free tickets. Oh, nice. Who’s playing at Billy Bob’s?


Oh, no. You just go there. Yeah, we’ve been there. We saw what contours that I said his name. Hey, Roy Rogers is


playing tonight. Oh, get out of here. Roy Rogers and neither is that a real day? Bob’s drink man like a man they call Roy Rogers like a sprite and grenadine here. It’s like how’s the camaraderie?


His album his albums called on the rocks? Oh, no.


I still think he’s kidding.


I’m not gonna lie. It’s actually a favorite artist.


You know, you’re a Canadian think a Texas you’re like, oh, Roy Rogers. Yeah, that doesn’t make it up a bit. But now he’s telling me they got a restaurant named Roy Rogers. So anyway, the camaraderie like are you guys boys? You guys all get along? Well, is it is it cool enough? Like you’re on a team where you get to know someone I love? Yeah, I like each other.


I love him. I love these guys. You know brothers fight, but we always come back to each other.


Are you guys? Yes, for sure. Any nicknames you guys have for each other? Do people have got that right have a nickname? Yeah.


We got a funny one.


Captain Phil or Uncle. Uncle.


Yeah, Uncle Phil boots. What about you? guys on the team is call me mouth or Malcolm’s? I got the double letters. Petters. Call me. What about you, Nathan? I need to ban Gremlin


stance or something? Yeah, that’s a good one. Go that one.


Is anybody married or like have somebody that they got to leave every weekend to come down here?


Yeah, I feel like none of us though. Guys. We’re back lifelong.


Oh, yeah. Say that again. Look right in the camera.


There’ll be they’ll be engaged by this weekend.


Yeah for at Billy Bob. I want to beat your wife at Billy Bob’s Okay. Ladies, if you did not. Oh, Lucas did a friend of mine actually did so sorry, Brian. I was just


so where’s are some of the cool places you guys go to play like what other arenas that are like amazing places to play that you love going?


We had our first game at the Wells Fargo in Philadelphia. That was pretty cool. That’s pretty neat to go it’s good crowd as well. Yeah. Especially because you got like all the other arenas beside it. So it’s just


I think any any of the teams that are also owned by NHL teams, we get to play a nice routine. Is that the same?


Are the crowds bigger up northeast way? Fair? Yeah,


actually, Calgary and Colorado have some pretty good crowds too. Nice. That’s a nice arena so that


we’re going from Fort Worth up to Canada to play a team where you’re from and you kind of have that crossover.


I don’t know if that’s like I like going back to the Canadian cities. I think it’s a good environment there. I think they like


they do get there here. You know, I just think that with the growth of it even like in the younger guy, like I mean Dallas is blown up with lacrosse big time. Oh, yeah. And there was apparently like some high schools there like Highland Park where they won the state championship in football. But the majority of the football kids went to college playing lacrosse, you know, and it’s almost like a place where they’re getting a lot more college athletes from that. So I think it’s great that you guys are here and really promoting that too. You know, especially that Fort Worth got it. I think that was a big thing too. And you have a great arena here I don’t think


it makes us want to play some professional across you are not skilled. I would like to see you get out there and see what happens I’m scared I watch I don’t think I’ve ever seen you run and watch grin grin in my lay me out. Yeah. I think I don’t want to get hit like you hit some of those guys. Yeah. Well, you feel you mentioned TK coach. Yeah. Tell us about This guy


I’d say his ultimate competitor I mean he he drafted me my very first season in New England so he was my first really Muse my first offensive coach so things I learned from him I still like I used to this day like he’s just very like he wants you to learn he wants you to get better and like I said just ultimate competitor to Terry oh yeah sorry So why have you but that wants a lot out of you and doesn’t even take shit from now on like be the best player on the team and like you fucked up really hear from


Andy is like this you guys get on their


asses because they’re you guys he gets on everyone’s


yeah your team the kitty or something? Or he said let the kitty roar so he’s awake this weekend? Yeah, for sure for sure.


You know the kids always get yelled at the most trust us we know this. So I’ve


noticed on the video game front I don’t know if you guys are gamers but they don’t have a lacrosse they don’t have like any any


last lacrosse back in the day. Oh they station Yeah, but not like that. Oh no. Yeah, no new game.


You guys find yourselves playing video. Like what’s the off time besides going to Billy box


like? Well, we’ll play a little call card games.


Oh, what kind of cards this game is always changing


rules are written on the notes of his phone. It’s pretty sketchy. Yeah. Is it like a four


person you can play for people just play one on one meal well what’s the name of this game? It’s called gotcha gotcha homemade


yes get made up a little bit.


It’s actually payday today like yeah, I


don’t know we just keep on back are you


guys paid on during the season or is it an annual thing? How does that work? Yeah, we get paid bi weekly bi weekly during the season? Yeah.


offseason offseason Oh,


you’re training Yeah, and you’re off seasons


I work as a trailer mechanic back home but I’m probably I’m looking to stay down here


yes is work with a lot of kids around you like somebody I thought one of you guys live Yeah, we


all live here this season. Oh cool. Throughout the summer and stuff Yeah, far from me not far from here either right now. Yeah.


We gotta have you guys back cuz we know you’re gonna have a lady friend. Next time we see you because you guys are single around this place. This place is in trouble. Good luck with that.


Yeah, yeah. Question goalie.


Why is the goalie so freaking large? I know he’s not a large guy necessarily. But he looks like he


I have an idea to answer that. Why don’t we get one of these Fiddlesticks and then you put a ball a lacrosse ball in and throw it at JW and see what the answer kind


of get that part yeah, the goal there’s no almost all I know there is but he’s almost blocking stinking goal up it’s incredible and even scoring a goal it’s now much more challenging it’s amazing. Yeah,


I think it’s funny to on social media people that don’t know the game they’re always like roasting the goal is because they look so big. Like how are they letting anything in? Yeah, it’s like they’re covering the whole net like these guys think but I don’t know guys are just so deceptive with their sticks. You can get the movie Oh, yeah, it’s uh not as hard as it looked.


What’s the best move the best scoring move? You don’t get an answer that I guess Nathan right.


We talked him across still or Yeah, yeah. Okay.


Inside you’re talking about Billy Bob.


Young guy.


Called the dip and dunk. What is my favorite dip? Dunk it over?


Oh yeah, yeah, cuz it doesn’t have to have a lot of


power right now because the goalie will drop the goalie will drop and just Hopper yeah so like


unlike our store you’re not trying to bounce it necessarily in as much as


so if you’re in tight if you’re on the crease is dip and dunk yeah oh yeah, they got a bow




I’d honestly that says the same thing different like any fake on this fake short go far big Largo. Yeah, again, or you can if you’re on the crease you can dive dive across the crease


Oh yeah, that’s a good one but that one that I saw you scored you were there was a pretty there’s a lot of momentum behind it. It was from pretty far out.


Oh the shot from outside last game


Yes. I mean there it like it was not like that like where you’re getting so close to the crease and all that yeah, that was


Yeah, well, sometimes you can’t get on an inside so you have to extra shots from the sides. Yeah, you have a pretty good jobs. That those corners I guess. Yeah, yeah, fortunately this one


I noticed so you guys see this hat I got this cap tech sponsor as you see I weave in that in for my friend Mike Thomas. Cap Tech’s thanks for sponsoring us you guys got money these these guys playing you guys since you guys are here. You probably want to get a local bank check them out. I mean, oh yeah. So when you have to go withdraw that money at Billy Bob’s to buy those ladies more drinks then you know sir know where to get on them.


What advice would you give a young person like his kid these kids that are learning lacrosse it it there is a growing bill with regard I have to believe because I see it but what would you tell these kids that to get them involved in the sport? Anything specific?


I would always I always just Keep you’re sticking your hand all the time I was I always played wall ball every day I bring my stick to school like recess. Playing wall ball, it still sleeps with this forever. God always just always have your stick in hand and your hands work on your hand everything.


Even to get like that you said into the sport. Lacrosse can be a great like addition, like feature skills, or other sports as well like football or send your speed but working. Obviously you see a lot of these people airing lacrosse with football.


Yeah. Football player make good lacrosse player necessarily. Are


you heard of Chris Hogan? Yes. So they’re


in the field in the field the game for sure. Because, you know, they have all that space to run. They’re so awful.


Yeah. What about you?


Well, what do you think but I mean, kind of school growing up is just I was always playing with my brother. So if you have a sibling and they get them into it, or like a friend and then you always have someone to just go to the box, throw the ball around with trying things and then always getting creative, you know, trying new things and, and also watch it watch a lot across. I think that’s one of the main things that helped me get to the next level. I was always watching my brother and older people and like, Oh, that’s pretty cool. Yeah.


I watched this movie while on the floor. Pretty much every


floor on the floor. That’s okay, I got okay, I get funny. You said that on the pitch back, are they wall ball because last time my son had a game and they actually beat the school where JW son goes to school. So it was a horrible time while you’re bringing that in these


gentlemen do not care about are they sure they will. But Jay, make sure you edit that out of the show.


But he said my son was like, you know, we should probably get that pitch back back out. Like you can just tell like, I mean, the actually all saints has a team. That’s those kids had great stick skills for how young of a team it was, I think there was like their first one. And it makes all the difference. I mean, it really goes a long way. And that’s something too is like Lacrosse is a different game. If you’re watching that ball in the net. You’re gonna get hit like that’s where you know someone’s gonna try to knock it


out even I was just tape a piece on the wall and hit that 10 times in a row. Yeah, little hotel room and condo. No Hotel.


Sticks, right?


Where do you guys live it you say you live here? Where do you guys living?


Oh brand new apartment complex.


Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. And no in cars like Do you have a car? Like how do you manage that?


I got down here. I’m just I’m I’m the Uber. Yeah, I guess a little tag


we sit in the back to overcoat. Nice.


Okay, fair enough. What’s What’s the coolest thing about?


Scary scared a little bit. That’s why


Jay was hugging hungry over here. What’s the coolest thing about Texas since you guys you’ve been here a while now what was the most shocking or interesting thing about Texas? You got here?


I like going down to Docker. I like cowboy hat. Yeah, yeah. I like that you got out of place.


I kind of like the community like in the stockyards to like everybody’s just out having a good time. But you see guys just walking around beers. Yeah.


I think it has a little


Oh, yeah. The little community. powwows every Wednesday. Everybody’s barbecue comes out. For sure.


Is the food better here? Oh, yeah. Our next video. Oh, yeah.


Where do you guys eat Mexican food. Chinese. Cheese. Yes. Yes. That was the Canadian pronunciation.


This but I’ve heard this place like Joe T. Garcia’s. Oh, yeah. That’s a really,


really nice day. Yeah. Um, I was gonna ask something. But


I’ve we have our questions to ask. You want to go ahead. Gosh, yeah. So we know we had a question up front and just kind of just to pick on you guys for your hometowns. But we have three questions. I was gonna ask Brenton, and then I’m gonna ask you my three these new the same. So if you would indulge us and play along, some of them you should know. And hopefully, you’ll know a few of them. So there’s only three so it’s gonna be really easy. So don’t Don’t be nervous. Alright, Britain, um, start with you. Do you know where lacrosse originated?


That’s what’s one my question. So you didn’t tell each other with questions? Yeah. What’s the answer? I think American Indian. Okay. Like it was like a Native American game. Are we correct? Yeah, yeah. 100% on horseback or what? Well,


it’s actually the Huron County New York Plains Indians Willa natives but they had like 1000 members of the team and it was


no one goal games will be played by the way. Yeah, people


died. People got hurt because


the boundaries began to be played.


Yeah, it’s like a Mayan ball. It’s how over over counties now it counties but just miles and miles and miles. I’m assuming that Well, I guess you nailed it. I can’t say you didn’t. So alright, second question. I didn’t, I’m gonna ask. I know you the answer. So I’m gonna ask these guys but do you guys know how Panther city which is nicknamed you know how it got the nickname Panther city. Oh, looking at guys




I remember the speech means I was listening. Good job. Um someone said the city was so dead that they found a panther sleeping in the middle of Panther


I’ve ever tried to be derogatory about I think it was a Dallas post trying to be derogatory about four words. So it’s so boring.


But there wasn’t an actual Panther. Okay. In


the last second dog. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s kind of jump out because the cross Would you say it’s a dangerous, fairly dangerous sport? Just like


every other sport? Yeah. I guess referee


injuries, by the way. What is that? Yeah. Yeah, you guys are tough. They’re Canadian. They’ll get hurt. The most dangerous sport in the world is. That was my question. No, do you know Britain?


Formula One race? Oh, that’s a good one.


I don’t this is where I don’t know. I’m asking. It’s kind of stupid. But BASE jumping. Now that’s boring. ramble. Like media kind of stuff. The internet is not a library, and I’m afraid you’re incorrect. It


was our last guest. We had this Dallas Cowboy. We had all the questions from Wikipedia. And the guy’s like, that was wrong on Wikipedia. Now we have to smash this cake in your face because you didn’t know that. Okay, it’s your turn. Your questions. My questions? Yes. Um, you can go


you can skip the first one. We’ve already covered that one. Yeah.


What was the second one again? I forgot.


The mom was the Panther city.


Oh, yeah. It’s something about Fort Worth right.


You were supposed to prepare a part of the show with questions show


what show on a streaming media is being shot here in Fort Worth. And kind of loosely based like they’re using the backdrop? Yes, you’re right film. got excellent. You guys watch that. Do you watch Yellowstone and then the new one the 1880


Okay, the lady in the red hair from that show? That’s that’s everywhere around here. So just be careful. Yes, Beth. Yeah, she Yeah, she her counterpart is everywhere in for so watch out for that. I’m thinking


of the sports question now. What is the most contact sport there is like that has the most contact wrestling? I don’t know. I just made that. I didn’t prepare. I didn’t prepare for it. I didn’t prepare for it.


This is a common problem here. But it’s okay. We’ve survived the gauntlet of the hot seat. Yeah,


no, it’s actually f1 racing. When the crash No.


Any crazy lacrosse stories you can share those things have happened to you things you’ve heard in sport. Strictly dedicated sport. What’s what’s happened that you’ve heard of we can talk about because we love crazy stuff around here.


Or locker room something happened like what’s the best prank that anybody’s played thus far? You know like in Revenge of the Nerds when they put the icy hot in the jockstraps something like that. And do you guys do any of those pranks?


Oh, thanks dude. Yeah,


oh really? You guys gotta get closer maybe cuz you probably don’t


OS OS X I’ll just start Yeah,


we had some good pranks back in small teams that play


okay like


every time you go to the airport put in someone’s bag or tape or to a water bottle well we


say so they go through they they throw the water bottle fill my children listen to the show. So yeah


What about have you ever put I would put some stuff in


they actually have a as you bring that up I put water in it was like back from warm up I could warm


it or they think I trigger here here yeah sorry I’ll warm up


like I can miners some guy would put some entities fill it was nice or like guys would tie zip ties to the size of their heads and cut them really short. They would just be like the square when you flash them


no kidding. Wouldn’t


you bleed on the field


no kidding. Wait so did you guys all play miners like before coming to this and having a plan Oh yeah. Okay, okay. Yeah. What else like that anything that’s that’s that’s this boy this is my thing. I never even thought I’ve heard it. I checked the pockets and in this inbox, like lawsuits below. Maybe that was another thing that I thought.


Yeah, the balls like this. Yeah,


yeah. I think oh, yeah, go through the cage. Yeah,


yeah. Do you guys have the real tight like shooting strings on top? Is that like a big thing too in this?


Yeah, don’t leave them hanging. Yeah. Yeah, you


know get out later bye. Some like some fairy dust or something just been running around out there. Now I’m just kidding. Okay, so should we so the last question, are you ever gonna? Go ahead?


I was gonna say we always have our guests. The last question aside from which you don’t have any of these problems children or marriage, you don’t have any of those to worry about? What is the best day of your whole life? Start with you? You don’t mind?


Best day of my Oh, yes. I guess I’d have to give the basic answer and say when I got drafted and play lacrosse my whole life and then finally made the highest level.


It’s actually really hard for me to answer that question. Yeah, no, it’s


great. You guys can’t use the same answer. And no airport baggage. Like I found objects in bags either feel that can be a best day your life either.


No, I still gotta stick to it. But yeah, the day I got drafted, but not only because of me, like exponential, I got to spend it with my family. See the reaction on my on my mom and dad’s face. Right? Oh, man,


it’s awesome. It’s nice to be able to turn around and get mugged. Right? So are you guys sitting in it’s like a draft like in NFL. So


my year we were actually supposed to do it in the key bank center in buff, but with COVID and everything that can really make it happen. So put up a projector in the backyard. I had a bunch of family and friends Oh, that’s cool. Like a barbecue and like


Did you know like were you pretty aware that you’re gonna get drafted and it was just boom or I’d


Yeah, I knew I was gonna go just about which heck I didn’t know so but as it got closer, you know, you get a color Yeah, I had an idea but I didn’t say


when it was this team was it like that’s great or it’s like oh, I was beginning team


I couldn’t wait the coaching staff we had going into it and like I’ve been with Steve ball before. Yeah, he’s always coached against me he’s always be known away to beat him. I played with him once we ended up winning the championship.


Oh, yeah. Had to join them. That’s awesome.


But yeah, no, I was so happy and I knew I really wanted to live in market too. And I was like


oh, yeah, is that the way it was kind of for you? We’ll do that


No, thanks. This was like obviously it’s an expansion team today


Yeah, yeah.


feel alright. Okay, so I’ll go most of that getting draft and stuff I think just playing my first game storing it and like really working for that opportunity or whole life just to have a country was a great day. postgame was nice. All


right. Well, we we have loved having you here. We hope to see you again when we when you see us up in the crowd though especially you don’t pretend like you don’t know us now.


Yeah. Kids with us and when we know people who are important in their lives


go fail I don’t want to get hit by how fast these goes by


what’s something you could throw at something you put in people’s bags here for


okay great guests thank you guys very much wish you aggressive season behind you they’re learning their slope or coming man keep good yeah,


where do they go to get the tickets for the Panther city if their city La La x Oh yeah, right there go it’s on his shirt. Yeah. Go out and see him for work. You will not be disappointed.


Yeah, you guys are badass. Thank you for joining thank you guys for making all this possible. Yeah, there you go. Sorry about that. My guys did it.