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The Kirb Appeal Interview

Kirbe Schnoor and Lizzy Bentley

Kirb Appeal Hosts

The guys sit down with TV personality/reporter Kirbe Schnoor and City Boots founder/CEO Lizzy Bentley who will be hosting the new Fort Worth based-lifestyle podcast Kird Appeal. 

 On her new lifestyle show for Roxo Media House, Kirbe Schnoor talks about everything that appeals to her most with best friend Lizzy Bentley. Fashion, food, music, art, rodeo and Western culture — they cover it all, while giving you a behind-the-scenes look at their lives, favorite places, and things to do in Fort Worth.

Their friendship and careers are rooted in Cowtown. Now, tired of just talking to each other, the duo is looking for a new audience to appeal to. In some episodes, Kirbe and Lizzy grill special guests in studio; in others, they hit the streets of Fort Worth for the likes of red carpet interviews, shopping sprees, and to hunt for the best margaritas in town.

They play games, get real, and showcase more than just their curb appeal!

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Tue, 4/12 12:11PM • 36:56
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Welcome back to FORTitude folks. Season two is still here. I think we’re not into Season Three quite yet. I am one of your hosts JW Wilson with my co host Brinton Payne  across the table. Hello Brinton.
Hello JW.
Well, we had such a hard week of work hard. Yeah, a week of work last two weeks ago that we took a week off for spring break. Because we were overworked. As you can probably tell, how was your spring break? And here’s something interesting happened.
It was great. I thought of a song that I was going to bring back to this. And I just was I was thinking about our work relationship. And this is what came to mind. Take this job and this will be my last episode was Johnny paycheck, right? Just kidding. Yeah, Johnny paycheck. Excellent. Thank you for crediting him.
Now back to my question. something interesting happened on your spring break.
Yes, I might have lost an iPhone in Mexico.
Do we know a little scary? Do we know how and the circumstances we believe
it was on a road somewhere just falling off a golf cart? And I hope it is safe and secure. But you never know when I did tell the person that it was an iPhone seven lot Apple they promptly responded with those still even exist anymore. Like we’re on 13 Now why do you want to find this
so losing your iPhone was probably a good thing. Now you’re up to speed with the rest of us. Yeah, so I got to 13 Well, before we get into our guests before we get into our guests Brinson Are you know we’re always striving for cutting edge news don’t comment you say what you stay with me here before stay with me here. You know how we’re always looking for cutting edge stories and news updates. We’ll have we have a story to share with you that’s quite entertaining. I think you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully our audience will as well but a couple days ago Brian Estridge on frogs today brought in a he brought in a guest Edie lamkins a basketball player for TCU with his sponsor chicken Express yes and then a couple of boxes a chicken in our our director Jay Fitzgerald decided he would eat one of those for lunch as did our What do you want to call our creative director Mark Stone we call them stone stone or stone. Anyway Well Jay is hungry Jay was eating his chicken and his tater tots which we thought he offered his tater tots to Mark Stone stoner because he hates so these tater tots are terrible. Well, Mark Stone wood over there to spec tater tots. And lo and behold these weren’t tater tots at all. But fried okra Yes. So apparently Jay Fitzgerald doesn’t know the between tatertot and a fried okra so the pinnacle of my broadcasting life is about to happen. Brinton I’m listening j this is an okra This is a potato. They finally made it to the top of the pyramid. Yes,
I’ve always wanted to do that. That’s the sound of a very small applause
that’s all I really deserved for that. But Jay we got to be able to be funny for eating okra I think it was tater tots. So before we get into the guests last thing, last thing I promise. We have a cap TECHSPEC sponsor when you talk about just for a second Yep. One of two local banks here to the local banks in Fort Worth. We love these guys. Mike Thomas, president of skeptics banks, good guy. These are local people making local decisions. They’ve local bank for over 100 years and all their people in the office. Really good dudes. They’re worth your time. If you want to shop local Why not bank local, right?
Yeah. And I was thinking about doing a jingle for them. And I’m thinking about rhyming words. For cap Tex. There’s something that Brian Eskridge has guessed Eddie does what does it rhyme with with CAP Tex? I don’t know that he’s known for when he scores. What does he do? Flex flex.
Oh yeah, of course. Come on, guys. I like this. I like this. This is the kind of stuff you can be accustomed to here on board. Now that we’re past that, we want to talk about that a little our friends at Panther city lacrosse. Oh, yeah. Since they came on the show a few weeks ago.
We’re good. We’re gonna we’re gonna be like to release. One has to go somewhere and we gotta come back.
Well, here here’s our actual introduction. So we’ll just get to you guys.
You guys are ready. Real quick. The password city lacrosse guys have not lost a game since they came on the show. Have they played a game? Yes, yes, they played four in a row four
straight wins. And they’re actually now back in the playoff hunt, just FYI. So it’s really a cool thing. We kind of take all the credit. That’s what we had to mention that. But Britton I bet to ask you the question to introduce our guests. In the news these days, the question has come up what defines what it is to be a woman? What would you think the answer to that question would be, you know, with
two women sitting to my right, I’m not about to, to answer that question. I I just can’t answer that at this time.
Can you guys answer that question before we introduce you? Is there a fair answer? Well, I
mean, like a woman versus a man. Yeah. Like we need to tell you.
And then you don’t really need to tell us
we just wanted to put you on. There’s only a Supreme Court nomination hedging on this question. That’s where it can no pressure.
Can I get a call into my sixth grade?
yes, they can. Yes. So we have here
Krasnaya Twain. She says it best. Very good.
I love it. Yes.
That voice you hear is one Kirbe Schnorr and Lizzy Bentley to her left. They make up the new brand new podcast called curb appeal. Welcome to the show, guys. Thank you very, very excited to have you guys. This is a brand new endeavor, which we’ll delve into here shortly. Before we do that, we want to get in kind of each other’s bios. So we’ll start with you, Kirbe. It says here you are five one. Is that accurate? No, I’m
fine. Four, five. Okay, sorry. That’s,
that’s a bad mistake. Instead of
three inches off of me. That’s very
late start. Go ahead. Let’s go on to Lindsay now and get wrong fact here on our
introduction, our crack Research Team Kirbe has come up with the fact that your birth certificate is spelled Kirbe spelled one way and your social security card is spelled a different way. Can you please enlighten us why that is?
Well, my mom had a C section. And if you need to ask her about that she’s a woman. And that’s a very detailed procedure when you have children. Territory we’ve
never before I still blushing Yes. really harsh real meter is very red, right? This, this woman talk has made me all know.
And when that occurs, you take medication. And she was all hyped up on medication from my understanding. She spelt it wrong one way or the other.
Right? Are you then a citizen of the United States does this like?
Well, you just asked me I’m not sure. Okay. I do pay taxes. I pay my taxes.
We have a lot of cop friends on this show. We’d like to talk about you for the
rest of the hour. Because it looks like I’m going to jail.
Kirbe tell us about your background, where you’re from how you found your way here. You’ve done a lot of things. What a really cool stuff in your life. Can you give us a walk through your life in a
couple of minutes? A couple of minutes. Okay. Oh, we only have a couple of minutes. Well, we have a lot of time but okay, well, my name is Kirbe. One way it’s spelled with a Y ones with an E on my first two birthday cakes. It was spelled with a Wyatt and then it switched to an E on my third. So that’s debatable. No, I grew up on a ranch farm in California made my way to Texas to cow town through work working at a Livestock Marketing Company. And I’ve been here ever since for 10 years now.
Where did you come before this endeavor with curb appeal? What were you Where were you working?
I was at the cowboy channel and RFD TV, and it’s a network, their sister networks, actually, but they’re geared towards agriculture, livestock, rodeos, all things which
spelling does the those shows prefer? The why spelling or the IE?
The the? Well, I mean, payroll prefers the why? Because that’s like, Yeah,
but the word when they send it to the other country. The other paycheck goes with the spelling. Yes. Correct. How many undisclosed? Look
how many years on the cowboy channel.
Um, well on RFD TV, actually. So when I moved here, I did a show called superior sunrise. And I produced an editor’s show called the American rancher, which Pam minich She’s a celeb for us. We are familiar way big time legend. Um, we were on RFD TV. So I would say 910 years, but the cowboy channel was created a little over three years ago.
So did it come about where it was like, Okay, we’re at the four h gathering and then we see this cute girl, okay, Kirbe, would you like to come to that? Or did you have to more do it yourself? Like say, Hey, I’ve got a concept for a show. I’d like to come out and show you guys that how did that all work out?
So the show was called ranch her they had the concept. And there’s actually a show called farm her and it’s owned by lady who really started on social media just kind of exposing women and men to women who are part of agriculture and farming. And yeah, so she created the concept. And they approached me very nicely. So yeah, it’s really cool.
We’re glad we’re glad it worked out in your favor to be here because curb appeal is getting a lot of buzz. We’re really excited to see what you guys do. So now let’s move on to Lizzy for a second Lizzie with busy. Busy with a th right. th we this noisy family here at Lizzie, tell us about you? You’re more you’re more of a local person, correct?
No, I’m actually from Amarillo, Texas. That’s more local than I guess it is a little more local. Still pretty far away. Amarillo. We’re in the middle of nowhere, right? But I did make my way to Dallas went to school at SMU and ended up by I think myself spending a lot of time in Fort Worth, even though I was living in Dallas, moved around the state a little bit and when I had the opportunity to move and settle down and kind of start my business where I wanted to I chose Fort Worth, maybe talking about the business. Yeah, so I run an own company called City boots. City boots are located here in Fort Worth. We also just opened a location in Dallas. And then we ship all over the country. I think we’ve shipped over 43 states now fantastic. So we have a big E commerce piece but Fort Worth is where we call home it’s awesome. We love it here.
What do predominantly the clientele for city boots is ladies all women so Britain I,
well, Britain, you could probably
it’s, it’s, it fits into feminine, quite easily.
And we do we have had a couple of income in order the women’s boots and their size. We say Come on,
is that even Right? Like feminine? Feminine. So it’s probably
this girl coming from the guy who asked us what a woman is. Right? Yeah, that
was JW. That was Oh, yeah.
So I was just asking what news wants to hear about so anyway, that’s awesome on the business. How did you two meet real quick?
We’ve how everyone ran? Yeah, how everyone eats at a bar? Oh, yeah.
It was at a bar. Yeah. We were like maybe 24. Well, I’m younger, younger. So you were probably 25
she was gonna do that to me.
Was it like a bar with the saddle seats? Like where did we were all cowboys
it didn’t even know we met. It’s the other party
to be over on seven like Crockett? Yes, it is. It is definitely a bar city or something. Oh, yeah.
No, that wasn’t created until we got like almost in our 30s. Oh, yeah,
that’s Condit cm, not your guys. So how did you start that boot company? Was that in your family? Or do you just know?
Yeah, well, so I grew up wearing boots. And then when I went to school at SMU, all the girls would ask me where to go find cowboy boots, which I thought was like a funny question. Yeah. And the city slickers in Dallas, right? And so there’s actually a lot of people from Southern California, Atlanta, Chicago, New York all over and actually a pretty big international. So I just saw there was a niche there for people who wanted boots, but they didn’t know where to find them. And so I thought, Okay, well you can find for me,
so how did you get like then what do you do? Yeah, like, oh, how to make boots. And pretty
much so I actually started my career in the oil and gas business.
I’m glad you brought that up. Yeah, but yeah,
I was actually. I was the president of the wheeling gas club at SMU. Oh, wow. Look at that. I was gonna go be a wildcatter Wow, that was my dream, but twist is probably a little little more meat. Speed. Yeah.
Yeah. So how old is city boots?
We’re in our seventh year and businesses Good. Good. I feel I just I feel like it’s gonna keep going hopefully.
Is it weird that she wears Justin boots over here? I’m kidding. He didn’t mean that. No, Justin is obviously a great brand. That’s
why any any Peto runs in run ins for you guys either of you and your professions?
Yes, definitely. And on the back side.
I do have inquiries for vegan boots. We don’t make them but who like to people who are interested? Yeah, impossible.
Yes. Yes. Wow.
We know you’re used to more professional broadcasting but you won’t find out?
What kind of behind those these are actually impossible boots. Oh, look
at that accent Wait, where are you from? Britain?
Oh, far away from here. Don’t Don’t ask me. I’ve lived in Fort Worth a long time. I was born on the East Coast.
Sorry, which
I was born in Long Island but back to our back to our guests. Okay, we like
to turn it around. Yeah, we
did a good job. That’s I’m like usually we are
used to being on the other side. So
you guys knew each other for I don’t want to age you guys without people people having do math but you’ve been best friends for quite some time now. Fair to say. Ya know each other really? Really? Well.
Yeah. Pretty well. Pretty. Well.
Very good. Well, I’m scared. No bid. Just wanted to. I want to know, we want to know that you guys are why how you guys came together but curb appeal. Let’s hear about curb appeal. What the heck is curb appeal?
And how did your name get it and not Liz appeal?
I’m just the co host please
appeal. The JW appeal.
I think it was our producer Holly. She came up with it. Yeah. She’s the curved part. I’m the appeal part. That’s exactly that we’re turning. Oh, there we go. Yeah. Actually, that’s kind of
true. Yeah, no, no, no, it’s Kirbe show
that she actually has a full time real job. This is my real job now.
So what is curb appeal?
I guess you’re gonna have to watch listen and find out. Can we get? I’m just kidding. Yeah. So you can have a teaser? It’s Lizzie and I talking to each other. Okay, well, really, we didn’t get invited to a single Christmas party last year. And we’re perturbed about that. Not a single one. Well, I’m well there was no excuse. Yeah, nope. Everyone says that everyone still had Christmas parties and everyone got
we saw them on Instagram. No further parties,
you know, when I lost my phone, I didn’t have any of that emotional duress that you speak up there was a really nice vacation from things.
Okay. And now Britain yes, yeah me about your life?
Well, no, this is actually about that but, but if we wanted to a small segue, I could bring up Capitec Bank as a sponsor of my life. Stories from it. Tell us about capex bank real quick, their local bank, one of two, only two, Mike Thomas is a great guy we drink they have beautiful Styrofoam cups as well as other things
are we losing? We don’t care about that, that they really are a great, great bank. So we need to talk about them. All the times we can
see a small thing that I started after having to cowgirls on the show, it’s called the impossible boot. I don’t know. It’s just grown gangbusters seven years. Yeah. Yeah. completely synthetic boot. made of synthetic cows. Very durable amarilla.
If I might digress back to these guys, curb appeal has a place in this podcast world because it’s going to do some things. Can you describe the type of shows you’re hoping to put on?
Yes, well, so Lizzie and I, we think we’re appealing to each other. But we’re kind of tired of just talking to each other. So we hope we appeal to other people. But we’re gonna talk about everything from lifestyle stuff, whether it’s Western or not. food, fashion, anything we find fun. Yeah. Or entertaining, which not everybody will. But we do. And so it’s just kind of a good outlet for us to talk about things that interests that appeal to us, right
all over Fort Worth, or just beyond Fort Worth.
I think we’re gonna have a lot of Fort Worth. but also elsewhere, I’m looking forward to talking to people getting to know other entrepreneurs, people out there doing things and just hearing about how they get started and what got them interested if it’s a Western guests and what got them interested in the Western world and kind of bridging that gap between the Western world and the city world.
Would you ever venture to the large metropolitan area to the east? Where you stated you went to school? Would that be part of the show? Or no, you’d only stay with rural and Western?
Well to the east. She just went to school in Dallas.
That’s what I mean. Oh, wow.
We’re not exactly you know. Redhead stepchild over here anymore. Right.
So no, yeah,
no, no, kidding. I definitely think so. We’re there’s a lot. There’s a lot of people over there in Dallas doing things that are Western leaning. Yeah. When does the
show launch? And we’re hoping to launch it this April.
April. Okay. Yeah, it will be a weekly show. monthly show Daily Show.
It’s gonna be a weekly show. And we are gonna have a lot of Fort Worth people on it because we want to turn down Christmas parties this year. That’s kind of our goal.
So that’s like the doors. Well, yes,
you don’t we still need the invite. We’ll decide if we’re going to be able to make it or not.
You could do it on the show. Like you shouldn’t
be honoring the invitations. Like invite show.
Yeah, we’ll just toss out the ones we don’t want to just post Instagram pictures of just that show, not even the party.
Well, if this goes well, you guys will be invited to a lot of Christmas party. I wish you guys the best of luck with curb appeal. It’s very exciting. I’ve seen you guys in action. You guys did the jewel charity ball a few weeks ago. So yes, and that’ll air here in a few weeks, I believe. But we wanted to get wanting to delve into your friendship now on this show because you claim to know each other really well. So to the table we have come up with a series of questions to ask one about the other hosts to see how well you actually know your your partner. Fair enough.
Oh, wow. Let’s do it. Did
you know this was coming? Did he Did he brief you on we had
to kind of give a few things that I know that Holly our producer,
you do everything about you?
Or you got her and a few extras
you got wrong you said it was five one
I’m just going off with Wikipedia tells me
JW is a really quick study of Wikipedia and he has not only made some errors on this show, but this this way did Wikipedia tell you about my director
Jay Fitzgerald visit tater tots not a tatertot ingredient. So alright, here. We ask Kirbe first right now you ask Lizzy
about Kirbe because Lizzie answering questions about herself and questions about
myself asking quote answered questions about you. Okay, ready, Lizzie? Okay,
just want the answer. Lizzie Oh, Jane
Kirbe’s first dog.
Oh, her first dog? Is it sparkles?
That’s close Lizzy glitter.
No. Wait, she’s not lying. I do have a dog named sparkles.
Now, but that’s
so is it princess? She’s really
gonna give we should probably we
have a few more questions asked. Go ahead and tell me answer. You go.
Literally and I spelt it. Why? Oh, you
really loved him. I’ve never heard her. She only lived
for a year.
Alright, Lizzie next questions. Next question for you, Lizzie. What is Kirbe’s nickname her most popular nicknames? She has a lot of cool ones but
I do think My name is Kirbe and there’s only so much you can come up with
in a year Why do people
I mean I would go with curve and
Suzanne’s curves curve that’s what people correct me that now correct
answer is Kerbstone curve star
possible get to know your wow
well these are like taking it back before we met and we didn’t really when we became friends we didn’t I didn’t like about the pay Lizzie my first dog was named you go and hey, remember
that my favorite movie was or is
you don’t know this either. I know Kirbe doesn’t watch
this you just watched bombing so
far? You know what I watch every only watches the news?
I do watch the news a lot. I
only watch previews you could spend two hours and fun reviews and the Netflix and it remember that guy pitch that deal of the search engine for the previews. I don’t remember that. Remember in that luncheon and he was like we have such the great AI because we look at all the previews you watch and then build your search kind of thing.
Do you know we’re doing a show?
Right? Britain? Do you watch yourself on this? Do you watch your podcast? It’s painful.
It’s it’s hard.
Do what other ones sometimes? Oh, yeah. Okay,
I really I don’t because
Okay, your favorite? I don’t even I don’t know. I guess I’m failing here.
You’re not we’re just gonna she doesn’t know me. It’s a historical figure.
Kirbeville has to break up before begin.
Yeah. A historic Okay, can I get another hit? Patreon? Oh, Braveheart. Here’s your
what’s what’s what do you know about Kirbe she had a dog named Princess and our favorite movies Braveheart. And it’s not
the lizard. Here’s your here’s your hint. It’s the mayor, the American president. That’s the answer.
Oh, that’s the answer.
I think that KR r b e paycheck goes to a country over in Scotland.
I’m gonna move on ahead Britain because we need to get to so Lizzie, what is this one you should know what is her most use phrase or expression?
Well, she goes through them. There’s one particular that I’ve heard her say. Right now she’s using the phrase I’m available quite a bit.
I am using that. I was thinking you would say they look as you
know, she’s not her job anymore. Got a little time on her
show to tell you but that’s incorrect. Oh, I don’t mean. Well, she’s usually
when Oh, the other one was, oh, this was a year ago. But we went on a girls trip. And she said this is about 30 times was for give it up. I brought it with the saying before I had to point it out to her. I just let it go. But she kept saying well, you know me, that’s it. And
it would be like ding ding ding Yeah.
You’ve been through like three or fours. One.
Oh, well,
she say you know me. I love butterfly shaped cookies. Were like, curvy. You now know me.
I’m available for some Christmas party invites. The calendar is free the month of December. Favorite food.
Her favorite food
her favorite food? Well, who else?
It looks like you’re asking you’re
throwing it out there
with the Lincoln roll. Yep. It’s Sushi. Sushi.
What is the Lincoln roses first American prep? We have a theme here.
When I just wonder.
President, please thank you, Lincoln.
This would have won our directors out picking up his vehicles for Show Control is there and there’s no camera work going on either? Nope.
I don’t even know if I like this angle of me. But all right. Check it out for you.
Our monitor we could see but we can’t this is kind of blind. Go. Alright. Lizzie.
What is? What is Kirbe’s favorite celebrity or her celebrity crush? scuze. Me a guy. It’s a guy. Yes. In this case, it is a guy.
What’s a woman?
He was he was the king of Bacchus this year if that helps you at all. The celebrity.
Think of students think of Fergie
isn’t transformers.
Is it? Fergie’s husband, Josh DML. Yes. Well, though, she’s got a divorce. Oh,
and one from the next. Queen Queens like, sister. He’s a very handsome fella. Okay, if you’d be 1/8 of the rest of your life load would be or what would it?
I would go she’s gonna go with 32 is crap. I said
27 I just liked it.
I thought you always say every year is the best year.
I’m available. You know me Saying up a few years ago every year is the best year. Yeah, I mean it is, but I had to move on to a new thing. So she gave it up at 27. I gave it up at 27. Oh, yeah,
apparently should have let me know.
Alright, Lizzie, what is what is Kirbe’s hidden talent? If she has one in your mind?
Her hidden talent. So many talents? Oh, I’ll tell you one thing that Kirbe is good at and I am not good at this and I just envy her but she keeps a pristine home.
Okay, we can accept that because I think that’s actually I know this to be true. But apparently she remembers everything.
She also remembers everything
he is reading. I see her looking down and looking and saying the wrong answer. I’m gonna have to refashion this.
She went to Amarillo and SMU. She doesn’t know how to read.
There it is. Or we have two more for you. Lizzie then we’re going to secret hobby. Yeah.
Secret hobby.
It’s pretty close.
Okay, I’m just keeping everything organized. Yeah. Nailed it.
Yeah, she stresses me.
over to my house. Well, I
saved the best one for last. So last one for you. Lizzie is what are your What are your biggest pet peeves about Kirbe or what are her biggest pet peeves? Maybe that’s the safer
oh about me.
Oh, I didn’t heard about you. I just thought I said in general. In general, her biggest pet peeve is messiness. I mean, is that 10 One out of 10
you’re off the hot seat now. All right.
It’s it’s Kirbe’s turn.
Hi, Lizzy. With a ye Lucy with a T Ah yes, here we go. What is what was what was
the spelling of my name? Why my mom had occasion.
lengthy, lengthy Alright, Kirbe,
what is what is Lizzie’s? liftI what was Lizzie’s college pet birds name? You
had a pet bird? I don’t know. Tweety or something? Probably. Yes Your oh my god I forgot you had a bird. I just remember. Sweetie she actually took me to her apartment and showed me where she liked Tweety or she buried Tweety. I did. Dumb and Domi last Tuesday, Gaga. She last tweet and she went very
dear to me recipe favorite movie?
Lindsay’s favorite movie.
By the way, this might be our greatest show ever Britain I think we’re gonna win it
with Oh Sound of Music. I didn’t know that. That’s
a great job. JW on singing that for those of us on audio only
you cut off my mic. You might not get this one then. Kirbe. What is Lizzie’s secret hobby?
You know this skeet shooting
pow pow. I do it later. Oh no, I kid. Her favorite hobby is bird calling. birdwatching. Five a deadly afraid of her. She has bird feeders at her house. It’s wild. She knows all
kinds of we just I just had a Cooper’s Hawk cabin in my backyard. So cool sighting.
What is that? Exactly? Nobody knows not
to be confused.
In the audience, too. That was good.
Not confused.
She feeds them to like, yeah, she’s how
that’s probably how they birdseed celebrity crush.
You’re not gonna get this Danny DeVito
I do love a funny man. That is not the answer. Robert Duvall. You’ll never guess it. I say Emelia I had to look him up. Like you’re looking I
don’t know him either. I’ve never heard this name before, but it’s my
favorite show. Sanditon it’s a PBS special British thing
period very attractive. Yes. Yes. Oh, is he? Because Sanditon
Sanditon great. I
would tell you
what is that like doubt Nabi? Don’t look at
me. You wouldn’t you wouldn’t watch it anyways. You only watch previews. So doesn’t matter
previews and impossible boots.
All right. So the CEO James is the answer. Yeah, that’s what we need. Man. I gotta Google
that. Yeah. Hey, what is that your chair? Mean? That’s that’s Kirbe’s turning better? Apparently, can we get some WD 40
at the cowboy channel, apparently they had better chairs and we do so yeah.
They had saddles. Okay. Your turn. Actually, they’re looking big time. They are sketchy.
It’s actually your turn. If you’ll look at the script.
Well feel some hostility between our two hosts Kirbe do we need to work it out? Kirbe what
is instructed seven deep breaths will reduce the heart rate and anxiety and angst towards my guests really?
So? You have angst towards what is
Lizzie’s this guest if I can have your attention for a second. What is Lizzie’s favorite song?
Okay, well this is tricky because like I changed my sayings. Lizzie’s favorite song changes over time. I’m there for a while it was bluebird by Miranda Lambert. Oh, we listened to it about 20 That I don’t know, times a day. Right now. I would say it’s by Cody Johnson. If you have a dream or a chance to take it what is a skill? You can take
this You’re obviously good. Good friends. Yes.
Thank you. Well, biggest pet peeve.
Liars. She doesn’t like liars. Know Me. And we know. And you don’t like him?
Last question for you, Kirbe. Thank you.
I built this whole studio myself. Well, that but
apparently, it was a small lie. Okay. Yes. Yes. It’s a huge lie. But anyway, really busy has a go to karaoke song. Might you know what that might be? A karaoke.
She’s a huge karaoke fan.
Yeah, my family. We have a barn. It’s like a party barn.
If we can take y’all to the bar. We should
take all we have a state. Yeah. So
it would be so far you want to do a show at the live karaoke band?
Yeah. And we got to stage and everything. But yeah, that’s my family and I would like to get together and what
song was Aw, sing you think? JW since
I can’t lie, by the way, I must tell you the answer.
My Heart Will Go On because
this is your poker face by Lady Gaga.
Best song but it is the best karaoke song. Well, I’m not a very good singer, but I like to sing. I have videos here she gets. You will not be You got any whiskey?
I think you’re not gonna say edit that when we do. We’ll make it sound really good
waterfalls by TLC. That’s kind of your go to right now.
Husband? No, I’ve never done that one.
I have it on video twice. Don’t Don’t test me.
Okay, she never forgets anything.
You can sing who can sing a little bit of the song? I don’t even
drink and bands connect to the party. Yes. staying out all night long. All right. I have to go. Crazy, but why not? Alone?
Why not? Why were you saying you guys don’t get invited to a lot of Christmas party? I don’t know. Maybe they don’t have karaoke. Or they just starts karaoke after a little while
and it never gets invited.
That was actually quite fun. Thank you for participating. I know that’s kind of put you on the spot there. Well done you guys.
We just have to ship now.
That might ruin ag related.
What do you want to be a cowboy Britain?
Yeah. Well, we’ll go to a ranch in Montana in the summer and cowboy. Well,
what I do is I do this in walking ride where we don’t ride like fast. We just want like a trail. Yeah, but it’s really slow for people with like, crouched over backs like mine.
Yeah, to go fast to be a cowboy. Oh, cool.
All right, coming in.
All right, before we get out of here, one more. Couple more questions about curb appeal. So you’re already recording things are hitting off on a corner. Good. Good foot. You guys are excited. I think the town is kind of getting aware of this now. So how can people find curb appeal? Is there a place where it lives
in California? Or Emeril? Um, on
the web, the web? Just typing curb appeal
typing curb appeal war, our websites launching soon. It’ll list all the places you can watch. Listen, very good.
Time you can follow me on instagram pull up Christmas list. We’ve been posting quite a bit on there at a party. Oh, you guys are trying
to promote the show. Oh, yes. Yes. Sorry.
You guys are killing the promotion. Okay.
Please. And
if you’ve heard of Curb Appeal, please visit curb
Our Instagram is at curb appeal show.
Well done. We always ask our guest this question in the show. Since you don’t put all this in our show. We’ll have to ask you anyway. But oh, we always ask our guests what’s the besides marriage and kids? What’s the best day of your whole life? You can say well,
I’ll go. You want to think I actually was featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal. I was so frustrated for city boots or city boots and it was like almost a whole page And it was in the front section. It was
really cool. Did they do one of those like drawings of you like a sketch
drawing? No, they sent over a very fancy photographer. Really? Oh, yeah. Nice. You
want your picture taken? Yeah.
I mean, if you guys can watch that as a cowboy. Yeah, I think. I think so.
I think we’re out to do this now. That’s great. Hey, listen.
It was really cool. Yeah, like once in a lifetime opportunity. Yeah, sure. You got it. You have it framed somewhere. Oh, yeah. I’ve got you know, stacks. Could you sign one and maybe bring it to us? To be great. Okay, curb. What about you? I can’t really talk.
Christmas cards story or party story.
I was gonna say probably when I was born, those besting my parents life and everybody else’s car. I am sad. We’re all spelling. You’re welcome. Yes, doing spelling my name wrong. Um, that’s it. That’s every day is a great day. Every year is the best year we’re gonna
need a better answer than that. If I was
in cowgirl. 30 under 30 For cowgirl magazine. That was pretty cool. Oh, yeah. Literally barely made it. I was 30. So thank God didn’t turn 31 Yep. Couple
months ago, right? It just just, yeah, Kirbe snore. Lizzy Bentley, thank you very much for being with us during this monotonous questioning of you guys, but it was awesome. We appreciate you guys. We’re very excited about curb appeal. Thank you Britain pain. Thank you. Captech jado thank Captech subjects indeed. We love you guys. We look forward to the show. Go kick some