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RMH 27: Brian Estridge

Brian Estridge

Radio/TV Personality

TCU Athletics and WBAP Radio Host, Brian Estridge joins the show sharing how he got started and taking us through a day and the life behind a microphone.  The voice of the Frogs talking highlights, lowlights, broadcasting pantless, all from a little town in South Carolina known as Kershaw.

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Episode Transcription: 

Welcome back FORTituders! Today’s guest is the one and only Mr. Brian Estridge. from local airwaves and national airwaves. We’re grateful for your time, sir. We were friendly. We know each other. We love you, right? You’re well loved. Thanks for being on the show.
I feel like we’re being critiqued he’s looking at us like podcasters thinking, What in the hell are these guys doing? You guys call this friendly? I mean, how you treat others? Yeah. How many retakes? Do we do here? We started this episode so far, but I’m not counting.
So let’s get into your bio really quickly. It’ll take 30 minutes to say I’ve heard you read BIOS before this try to run the audience. This gentleman sitting across from us was born in some town called Kershaw in South Carolina had a crucial knife. Yes, exactly. Doug Kershaw Sammy Kershaw extensive research team at fortitude as decided or just discovered that Kershaw is the home of about 2000 people yes, it’s a gold mining town originally right? And but you don’t know who made your general JB Kershaw was Yeah, dude who was he was the guy that was named he was the Civil War General Sir Yes, exactly. I don’t know if he’s on the recite the right side of the wrong so I will let that let history take care of I was gonna say define that right. Yes. Right for another day. Well, at the age of 14, Brian Estridge audition for the local newspaper in his his Kershaw as well. No, I auditioned for local radio state radio station, yet same town. Same town Kershaw. When he walked in interview he was so good with the gift of gab that they offered him a job on the spot which if you think about it in a small town in South Carolina, I could read am or FM AM, okay. He listenership? How many clicks will four to five? Mom, mom so that’s at least insane. So you were hired called the local high school sports? opera opportunity here? Yeah, yeah. Hi. My first game was a two eight state championship. That was your first game. Okay. I was gonna get to that. But South Carolina State girls state championship game. Right. Right. Cool. Yeah. After that. Moving on along went to Appalachian State that you graduated from Appalachian State beating football. Michigan. I believe that. He knows. He’s so smart. You call the football and basketball games at Appalachian State? Correct? Yeah, for a time. In your high bar Miami Redhawks to do their games. Oh, yeah. Then a Mr. Eric Hyman the ad of one TCU. Founded in 1998. Fort Worth resident aircard. We hired you to come be the voice of the frogs, which you said yes or no? Did so yeah. Okay, good. here before had you been forward?
I have not been to Fort Worth before until 1990. So
yeah, in now, I’ll speak to this because I know you’re looking at me with like, get me burying the lede in 2001 you’re hired by ESPN Radio, you joined newy Scruggs, and then Randy Galloway on the air for its respective shows. In 2009. You’re currently sitting WP aap hired you away to host the morning show with Mr. Hal J. Also a friendly show there. Yes. Yes. He like one of the shows. We discussed heart attacks, symptoms and you saved a life. Can you tell us a little about that? What apparently you discuss the symptoms of heart attacks on on air. Somebody heard you having this discussion for their car, and they notice the symptoms with their spouse? Oh, yes, maybe. So. Thanks for jogging my memory about that. You know, you can think our research team. Thank you for that. So that happened. He currently live in colleyville. Right. And most importantly, the most important fact on the whole shows that you’re married to an angel named Dr. Becky ringer. I am Yes. And if she ever sobers up, I’m in trouble. He’s won numerous Texas Association press awards Brinton, best in Texas 13 times. That’s a lot. play by play broadcaster for TCU football and men’s basketball among few other college basketball games from sports, Fox Sports net, and mountain was networks. He is the president of a company called Red voice productions who broadcasts under the name of Game Day radio more than a few cultural games and I think the name has changed to bowl day and then it’s currently changes new name first team rate which has changed again to bowl season radio LCS radio. Why suddenly changes? Oh, it’s an agreement with ESPN changed periodically. Yeah,
that’s nice content on Google Search exempts you Hi at SEO letters through Rockstar Thanks Mark for teaching me that. Yeah,
one of the reasons my co host asked if you owned or made mention of your fishing shirt, we did an intro for another show about exorbitant amount of fishing shirts are being worn by males around Fort Worth. I know. A lot, right. The first question was do you want a fishing shirt? Yes,
I do. Yeah, I think wearing it. The second is in our writer one of our writers thought this would be really funny. If I asked explain sports to me explain sports Yes, yes mind
sports does it don’t say sports say you have to do it like Mitt Romney sport? Yeah, like that. Are you done with the intro? That intro is over sir show for today. fortitude.
You see how close he gets on that money. Let me ask this. So Brian, does one need to be a former smoker or current smoker to be good crowd at all. I am not okay. I’m neither. Oh, yeah,
it really truly is all all set aside isn’t great to have you on the show. I’m glad to be your voice is known to many people. So having you in front of us seeing your eyes and your face and your your hair. Yeah, it’s just a privilege, like your lack of hair. And then you realize that have a face for radio. We’re on video now.
I know. Yeah. You’re big video. Great. Yeah, I noticed that. See? Let’s see the little tally like the j. s. Yes. Yeah. A little crooked. But he’s got it. It’s connected. Very good. Very good.
So what I really wanted to ask you this, this is more of a joke. But we know we know that your wife’s a wonderful lady. hydrator. Could you convince her to marry you?
Yeah, honestly, it’s a good story. Okay, you have 30 seconds. 30 seconds, we do. The so we we actually went out of high school a few times. And she didn’t like me, she’s always too fast. I don’t know what that means. By the way. I’m gonna look that up one day. And so we lost touch. And then about 10 or 12 years later, I was in New York, she had moved to New York City. She was working for the Harlem Boys Choir Academy as their accompanist playing the piano for them. And they were traveling. And a buddy of mine said, Hey, Becky lives in New York City now. And I went really? And so I called her up. And I left her message. She didn’t respond. And I called her again. And I actually got her on the phone, and we went to dinner. And kind of the rest is history. You know, so 12 years of not talking or seeing each other and but 12 years later, she decided date. I’ll give him a second chance. I guess. Why didn’t she respond that first time was that? You know, I honestly I don’t know if she remembered Who the hell I was. One thing that might have been I can’t have that effect on when I know Yes, boys. But it says telemarketer now. I know. Who’s this asking me about my car insurance? Yeah. Yeah, no. So that’s that that was it. And so we dated for a year and a half or so long distance and then married and been together since fine piece of work. So thank you. 25 years. That’s incredible. Congratulations.
So what’s the day like on web IP compared to what we’ve had for a day? Yeah, I can see there’s a set design Woodford it definitely VAP. I’ll
tell you one thing there’s there’s not that there’s not two fridges one filled chock full with alcohol and the other with nothing no water. No, there’s no not even a fridge. Yeah, don’t do that. You know, it’s it starts early, but it’s fun. It’s based. Well, I’m actually doing a show from home now. So that that that actually bought me an hour of sleep which is awesome. On nice. So for 30 or 30 Yeah.
Before that was 330 ish. Interesting. What time you go to bed. That’s my
problem. 10 1030 you watching sports constant watching sport constantly is texting me? Right? You
know woodfords don’t open up until about that time.
We all know he’s texting me pushing me back every you know, he By the way, can you come at 230
now when your wife when the sport thing I this is what kind of drew Lee little bit fuzzy when they when I noticed that Sports Center does the real right. And it’s the same, it’s just updates to the same kind of news. When you’re watching and doing that. Are you saying? Is this guy getting the story first shit, like, Are you looking for content ideas? Or you’re looking more?
I wouldn’t say that. I mean, you know, I think if I get the story one so if I see it once, I don’t need to see it again. Yeah. And so you know when when I’m prepping for the show. Majority of that’s online. And so I’m not pulling a lot for I’ll be honest with you at night because you said Hey, what are you doing and up till 10 or 1030? You know, once the kids go to bed, you know nine is sure so back and I’ll usually try to kind of catch up on the day. Maybe watch one TV show that we’re watching one episode of one. What is that right now Waltons. Oh, is it good? Yeah, it’s pretty good on Netflix. No. Is it a sports documentaries? About john boy? Yeah, exactly. Actually, no. Yeah, that’s a great question, though. Because how are you guys at that point? Now when we’re when you see people your age or peers, the conversation will turn to something and go Hey, what do you want? Yeah, yeah, we’re at that point, and I had friends who were all Hey, man, I need another show.
My wife is on the last episode of Breaking Bad tonight. He’s gonna why I can’t wait. I tapped out. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it’s like I can’t deal with detention. I got enough in my life. I don’t need more What are you watching? So I will reach them. Watch that Paul McCartney, Rick Rubin documentary with three to one where he’s like going through and breaking it down and then I’ve got this great new one called Tales from the tour boss which is my judge he did like Beavis and Butthead. Yeah, it’s I watched comedy and documentary. That’s it. I’m not into heavy drama.
See, and I got that in my life with JD JW. We like drama. We you know, we just finished a Ron, have you seen that? I have not. No, it’s on Apple TV. That’s pretty good. What is it? It’s a story about a spy who works her way into a rain. That’s pretty good. Yeah, that’s pretty loud. Like stuff like that.
Not to get to know your guys conversation. But I have What do you want to well? are we off course already?
It’s okay. It’s okay. That’s all for this show. If we can move digress a little bit off from web AP radio to click play by play radio, which you done so eloquently and wonderfully for so many years? What What is the best game? I think I might know the answer. What’s the best game you ever broadcast?
Well, now that’s the biggest the biggest game and my best broadcasts are probably different. What’s the answer to the biggest game would be the Rose Bowl? Yeah, that one would be. You know, I think that would be, you know, the best game that I may have done. Oddly enough, maybe in the NIT championship of Madison Square Square Garden. I was at both events, and I heard your recordings. And so that would probably be it. But I mean, you know, you know, some days you have good days, some days, you always I go back and listen to every game. That’s what I do on Sundays. So Sundays, I usually get up really early on Sunday mornings work on Mondays radio show, then I start listening to the game, then we’ll go to church and I’ll come back and I’ll finish the game usually outside. I’ll have it playing outside when we’re in the pool or working in the yard
jacket around. The same as we do for our family to listen to
my family to listen. They wouldn’t put that’s when Becky goes to the width. Exactly. She’s in the Woodford Oh my God. That’s a gag.
But no. So I think that I think it’s important to go back and listen it to because if not you don’t get a good. Your wife will be a good constructive criticism for you. She’ll give you a good constructive criticism. wife’s Creek. Yeah, exactly. But But yeah, your friends won’t though. Your friends. Oh, man. You’re doing great. Yeah. Oh, you sound great. You know, and you go back and listen, that was cramp? What kind
of stuff do you try to pick up on to to improve?
Oh, just making sure I’m giving the right name making sure I’m giving a right tackle? Am I giving you the yard? Am I giving you the correct yardage? Am I giving you down a distance and we’re telling you time and score enough? You know, so there’s all kinds of things that I kind of keep in my mind that I’m checking off the list. And I can tell you know, if I’m in a four minute sequence, and I haven’t heard the score, I’m like, What are you doing? on dude?
You should have better net. So to get to know the listener? That’s a lot of stuff to listen to Jim over the years, but yeah, have you? Have you like perfected that craft
over there? Like No, you’re getting that in front light is is getting harder or easier to get that info?
Oh, no. I mean, gathering information is easy now. Oh, yeah, it’s, it’s much easier. But you know, you’re never you’re always in Chase. I’m always in chasing perfection. You know, I’ve never had the perfect game.
Yeah. Give us five things since that high school game that you called one of those first ones. And now as far as those attributes go, that you have like this make it exponentially easier for you.
You don’t even if I was to go back to when I was 14 coming to a girls basketball game, there’s a lot of changes. One is accent How did that sound? like Brian awful. I’ve got a copy of it. I mean, I don’t even know if I can do the accent anymore. But I also didn’t know the players, the opponent players names. Okay, I’m just calling other numbers. You know, I don’t know that I gave the score is my you know, there’s all kinds of things I just fundamentally, you know, just blocking and tackling in broadcasting and wasn’t doing as a 14 year old that hopefully I’m doing now hopefully,
do people still do this thing they used to do in college where they would watch the TV, but then turn on the radio? Yes. still didn’t surely him Is it synced up? Or is there a delay
can be depends, you know, with digital formats. Now it’s a little bit harder. They actually make a thing called I think it’s called support sync. I think it’s what it’s called. It’s a little box that you can install on your house. It’ll sync it up for you. Yeah, but yeah. And you know, you’ll see, we don’t see it as much anymore. Because of the delay, delay. But you used to see people in the stands with their headphones on listening. While they were watching the game, you know, in the stadium, you know, live and in person. So So is that because radio does it better than TV and always has Oh, yes. For the app? Well, sure. Yeah. I mean, we do. But think about it. We’re more descriptive. You know, yeah, it’s my job to be your eyes. Mm hmm. And so when you’ve got television, here’s the other thing. Radio broadcast of a game is about the play by play guy. Not and I don’t mean that from your hand. You know, what I’m saying is, it’s my job to give you the description of what’s going on. Television has pictures. You know, that play by play. God doesn’t have to tell you what’s going on. You can see it televisions about the analyst You know, the analyst is giving you Why did that just happen? That makes sense. I’m on radio, I’m telling you what’s happening. That’s more important. And so, so it’s a bit it’s a big deal. I mean, you know, I’ve done bad I’ve done radio and television. TV is a lot easier. It’s a lot easier because you don’t have to put that much. Yeah, you don’t Yeah,
I mean description that the pictures do the talk. That’s gash in here. One of my favorite things truly is seeing as somebody the games that he games listening on the radio, you know those thing to you? Yeah, I think that’s really a cool thing. Yeah, I’m
with you in a and it’s, it means a lot to me when I see that, and I’m making, I try to make a point. And when I see those folks thinking,
yeah, that’s awesome. What what was going to speak about your best broadcast ever? What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had on a broadcast?
Yeah, I mean, you know, knock on wood. You guys have metal tables? I think there’s, I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had a total meltdown. You know, I spilled coffee on my pants at Northwestern had to take them off one time.
Okay. No,
I was I was Yeah. Do you remember Seguin. Looking up in this impressed, and I saw this man was
here. That’s what you’re thinking now. Exactly. But so yeah, I mean, I have had stuff like that, you know, have had power turned off, you know, things of that nature. But nothing that was that you could recall it? Was that purposeful. The power turned off that he was on the road? It’s never home. Right. Right. Yeah, probably. But you know, so but nothing that we didn’t recover from? You know, I like to think, you know, there’s a lot that I don’t do very well, but I think there’s the one of the things that I try to be decent at is being flexible. And, you know, if there is some sort of, you know, if there is chaos around me I can to kind of work my way through that.
Do you want to ask this question? Or do you let me go ahead? No, this is, so the thing on everybody’s mind is the big 12 right now with all the mess. Do you have any thoughts you can share briefly on what’s going to happen? What you what, you know,
I don’t know that I know anything. And I don’t know that I know any different than you what we read what we see news came down today, you know about the scheduling your lines? I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t think there was anything to that until we start to see it more and more today. See, he’s legally bound. gag order for
a PAC 12 we’ll see if he winks at us. Yeah, okay.
Gotcha. You know, I would, I would think that there would be an opportunity potentially in the ACC Mm hmm. I think culturally TCU fits better in the ACC right. But I’m also about trying to say the big 12 if we can I mean, you know, let’s let’s face it. I mean, yeah, you can’t keep Well, you can, but it’s it’s hard to keep building rivalries. Yeah, no doubt. You know, at some point, we need to play Baylor. You know, at some point, we need to play Texas Tech, we need to play you know, and find Oklahoma State, whoever it is. Let’s get let’s keep building those rivalries. And if we have to go out and add four more teams, let’s do it. I’m ready to add four teams today. You know, let’s get let’s go get them. Who do you add in your mind? Easy. Central Florida and South Florida. BYU and Colorado State. Done? Yeah. Think about what I’m adding now. But because you got to add to the top of your league, any big markets. That’s exactly what I’m adding. I’m not I’m not adding teams that are better athletically. I’m not adding schools that are better academically, but I am adding Tampa Orlando Salt Lake in Denver. For big markets for hot markets. Don’t get me Cincinnati. Don’t give me Memphis. been there done that. When you were young Brian, who
did you aspire to be like, Who did you want to be like in general, my general Kershaw Oh,
no, you wouldn’t know. You know, remember now I grew up in South Carolina. I’ve only been here, what? 23 years. But I grew up in South Carolina. I grew up listening to South Carolina Gamecocks guy by the name of Bob Fulton called the game’s big deep baritone voice. older guy had been doing it for 30 years. And so if you if you went back and listen to a bob Fulton game, and then you listen to me, you’d probably hear a little bit. Okay. So it would be it would be him. Did you?
Did you mimic him? like did you get them and stuff and
turn the games will be on television? I turned the sound down. I would call the game. That’s how you would listen or they always I think they knew that I would either be I think if you ask my folks, they would tell you that I would be I’ve been one of three things I would have would have been an announcer I would have been a politician or would have been a preacher one of the three interesting astronauts wasn’t in there like AWS. You see migraines.
Yeah, same problem, right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s there. There we go. staring me that’s all he has to say. I guess so aside from the marriage to the lovely Becky and your children, right? What is the best day of your whole life?
So take away my wedding day and take away the birth of the two kids. Yes. best day of my life.
Is it if it’s today you can say that don’t be embarrassed but today could be if you would have been for others could be most could
be You know, that’s a great way I try them. And this is gonna sound corny. I try to have a really good day every day. You know, I try to smile. I try to joke I try to have fun. I try to, you know, I try to go through the emotions every day. I mean, maybe that’s a, maybe that’s a real corny answer. But I don’t know that one is is. I don’t know that one is greater than the other. My daughter was baptized a month ago, that was a pretty big day.
That was a real. It’s a hard it’s a hard it’s intentionally hard question to answer. And people go around it and come back to fame like he just did all the time. Really? Yeah. All the time.
But you know what you’re in, like, you’re in a job where things change every day system? Like it probably you almost have to have that to be successful, I would think Yeah, because people don’t want to hear kind of the same. You have to come that with that new, open and objective. objectiveness right to that.
No, I think Yeah, I think that’s I think that’s fair. Yeah, I think that those are all I mean, but it seems like I’ll be honest with you. I can’t think of a day a day. Or something good didn’t happen to me. And believe me, I think about that a lot to think about, you know, in your private time, your quiet time. I do think about how I do sit back and go 10 gm and I’m pretty blessed. You know, and why am Why is this been good? Why is this been so good? You know, why am I this lucky? Because you do see and you know, friends and family who suffer who have gone through tough things in their lives and in in not to say that I haven’t, but it’s just like, man, every day I get to do this. It’s all right. You know, very
good Jimmy valvano answer i like i like kind of thought you man But no, seriously,
I do. I think about that every day. The Why? While did you think about that one? That coffee? spilt on your pants? Yes. You know why? Because I was sitting in the press box at Northwestern and Evanston was a beautiful sunny day cold. No, it was not cold. It was not a cold day I was cold. You were probably cold. But JW sauna for you. That means so that made it a better day getting screamed at by sad or something. I’m calling I’m calling a college football game. And I’m calling a team that that I’ve grown to love and TCU. And on the other sideline, says the story you didn’t know on the other sideline. Is is my favorite coach in the world. And mentor in Randy Walker. Nice. Yep. Randy Walker. I’m just telling you about Randy Walker is in my top five of men all time. And to be able to be in that stadium on that day with my britches all final care to have him on the other sideline. I mean, that was that JW don’t know this. I don’t know that anybody knows this other than my wife games over with we won, didn’t we? We lost we lost and lost. TCU loss, right? That’s what made it more Yeah. TCU loses after the game. I kind of just kind of slow play things because I told the guys hamster I’m gonna back in order to stay in Chicago. So I can wash my pants. Yes, like so. But we actually stay with Randy and Tammy Walker. Oh, nice. And so after the game we’re at where we’re at a postgame tailgate with a bunch of their assistant coaches and things of that nature. And I’m there TCU garb and stuff. And then we go to his house and he has all the coaches over and you know, and and that to me kind of epitomizes what college football is all about. I mean, I you know, I really wanted TCU to win that day. I went to GW JW to make a tackle, please. I mean, those those two offensive linemen whose last name both ended with a vowel those two big Polish guys, they were crushing, right, you know, make it today please. Oh, yes. And but but at the end of it. You know, we can all sit around and laugh and love and you know,
saying that you JW is not thinking right now. They had a linebacker on Pat Fitzgerald who’s now there is actually pretty good and he ever tell you my partner plays the pedal steel. No, but I can imagine it’s a beautiful instrument right? He’s quite good. For some reason, I would guess he also runs a unicycle Well, you might have a company called Red voice productions, but your golden throat is is legendary around these parts are grateful to have you on our show. Is that it? We love you. We love this way. Is there any other craziness going on? I’ve got like 10 or 15 more stories to share. I’ll do it in the outtakes. This will be episode number two next week number two, a three hour for sitting. Thank you, Brian. Thank you for joining us seaboard.