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RMH 25: Tatu


Hall of Fame Soccer Star

Antonio Carlos Pecorari, famously known as Tatu, is a former Brazilian football player and current professional and youth coach, and one of the most accomplished indoor football players of all time.  His nickname means “armadillo” in Portuguese.  He won an MISL Championship for the Dallas Sidekicks in 1987.

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Welcome back to FORTitude folks. I’m your host JW Wilson with my co host Brinton  Payne and we have a doozy for you today we have a special guest in the house. Before we get to him, we’ll let you stew on that who might be before we get to him, we got a few things to discuss. Briefly. It seems our governor Gregory Abbott has taken ill with the virus known as COVID-19. Brinton’s you hear that kinda, you’d like all the rest? He just yeah, everybody’s getting on. I mean, you keep going. Moving along. I have a question for you, Brinton. Okay. Now, let me handle that. Governor Abbott question. Do you own a fishing shirt? I do. I have to. I thought you might. I’ve noticed your your usual your standard uniform entails a plaid shirt with khaki pants, but you see you have a couple hanging lovingly in your closet. Sounds like
well, they offer quite a few things. Firstly, if you if you ever noticed like a farm worker, they wear long sleeve shirts in 100 degree heat and you’re kind of going What is this all about? It is a not only sun protection, but also when you sweat. There’s this idea that it’s cooler than just maybe bare skin baking in the sun. I’m
not I’m not sure but I appreciate your reasonings. The reason our question is that I’ve noticed a lot of people around Fort Worth men generally wearing fishing shirts, so I didn’t know a fishing and making made a serious revival in this city. Because apparently there’s fishermen literally everywhere these days. Well, you noticed that too. Now do you have a lot of tucked in or untucked? Because the way this thing works is the button down has always covered the gut, right? Better than a T shirt like you’re wearing gentlemen that I usually see wearing them. I don’t think they’re able to tuck in the front. You catch my drift? Yeah, anyway. I mean, are they that comfortable a shirt to wear?
I’m curious clearly they have the mesh like underarms in the back end kind of thing. So
now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to get to our first guests, so we’ll be right back with this special guests.
Bring it back to the corner for Tatu he scores for a bad angle. Off comes the shirt, and Dallas takes a lead of two to one of this game.
All right, welcome back for the tutors. Today we have a man by the name of Antonio Carlos pakodi. You might know him by his more famous name Tatu of famed soccer in the Dallas psychics more More specifically, but Tatu’s in studio with us today. Thank you Tatu for joining us. We are very honored and privileged to have you with us today. Thank you for having me.
Yeah, thanks for being here and go ahead and why don’t you announce where he’s from? Because I know you guys I’m going to Tatu will correct you
okay Tatu it so from my extensive research you were born in a little town in Brazil card called marine Kay Danielle it almost married?
How would you say if you’re sure the on go? You’ll miss by 20 yards. But that’s Yeah, say it one more time. There we go. Daddy got it. Nailed it nailed and mighty, mighty, mighty.
Apparently on that. Anyway, Tatu came to us or came to United States in 1981. As a 19 year old. You’d already been playing soccer for a period of time. Your first play with the Tampa Bay rowdies, you scored a hattrick on your very first game without ever practicing with the team. That that was pretty substantial moment your life I think that transition to the Dallas sidekicks where you spent 19 years at 4203. You won four championships before retiring in 2003. Looks like you can still play a little soccer now. I’m just just throwing it out there. I still do. Still do I figured as much. You took over psychics head coaching job from the legendary Gordon jagow. You also you played and coached from 98 to 2003. With a sidekicks. You’re the only player and we’re just doing some stats on you. We’ll go into all these quote guns nice questions here in a second but you’re the only player in the history of of indoor soccer to win Player of the Year and Coach of the Year in the same season. That’s incredible. Nice job. Your coaching record 6353 with the seven and three record in the playoffs. On 2010 a team called sting 95 which will ask you about more won two national titles one week and before done that. You were co owner and GM and head coach of the sidekicks in 2012. Did that for three seasons, correct? Yes, sir. Okay. You’re currently head coach of the mesquite outlaws. That’s where you’re spending most of your time these days. In the major arena, Soccer League, you got to carry the torch in the 2000 In two Summer Olympics in Salt Lake City that’s a big deal. Your second all time and goals your second all time and most seasons played 21 Brinton and second time in points scored 1584 second end game winning goal 77 indoor soccer Hall of Fame 2011 your jersey number nine the famous number nine is now hanging in the rafters where it should be were in reunion arena. That’s not around anymore. It’s gone. It’s hanging somewhere but is it in your house probably is everywhere in my house. Okay, awesome. Now that BIOS extravagant so we’re going to we’re gonna touch on some points there. But before we get to the really juicy stuff, we wanted to get to the early parts of your life so
so how first of all you look great. I mean, you dearly don’t look different than when I used to idolize you back in those days and you’re playing indoor there for the sidekicks. But yeah, on what JW said, How did that come about? Like what what was the visit in your town? Or how did how did you get here? Like how did how did these things kind of transpire?
Well, first of all was some Paula had to deal with the Tampa Bay rowdies. So we want to bring the American young players to train in Brazil and to get the young Brazilian players to come and play here. So that was the idea. So you know, they came in and they did a tryout in first and I was playing with the first team with some Paulo and there was a deal where they they get some football players and in some as some of the the outdoor players to actually you know, try the indoor game you know, was the situation where it’s basically if you want to do it do it if you don’t don’t have any interest to go to United States do it if you don’t don’t do it. So I went The first time was two days and I guess I did well on the first day then the second day is I have no interest to go to America you know I can not speak English I said you know I’m a small town Brazil says that I’m not traveling I’m not going nowhere. So I didn’t show up for the second time suddenly I’m you know, I’m training with the with the outdoor team and you know the call come in and exhale while you’re not there. And I’m like, I didn’t know I was supposed to be there. Yeah, and it’s a nowadays specific last for you as well. All right. So you know get your things get up there and and let’s go and that’s how we start How old were you at that time? Was 18 Yeah, you knows going to 19 so
how big was your first contract to have your minus asked?
was it was it worth mentioning or no for me you know i was i was way back I don’t remember but the good thing about those days is in our I didn’t want to come okay be honest with you. I had hepatitis in the year before and I promised mom I said hell no we’re in a women’s Christmas we miss my birthday and we miss Carnival which is big in Brazil then yeah. So you know I told her I said I will make up for those those dates we lost so then it suddenly game came to pretend to come to the United States so I really didn’t have no interest. Okay, so I got a lot of leverage with that because I didn’t want to comment they say well we need you to do this because this is important for the club. You know so they came to me is I will give you the loan money okay at that time you know I was members I go through your numbers I’m not so sure this is correct. prosper on 2030 grand you know for 18 years old 1980 my god that was a lot of money I actually I bought I build five condos in Brazil with hearing Oh, and pay those hospital bills Yeah. went and sold these condos as you go down basically I have rental in Brazil because the goal was to come here you know play for a couple of years then go back home and that couple of years turned out to be you know my life so who knew you were a developer to go ahead well you don’t for me is growing up you know I come from a poor family and I’m and I know it’s early on was bring to me was no Do you want to play this game for name status or you want to play to make money make a living you know for me like I said come from poor family I want to do something for my mom was very important for me to I want to build something for her. And you know, so I I invest everything I got, you know so because the goal was go back to Brazil. So today I own you know, over 12 homes in Brazil I rented out my brother take care you know and he took care of his family’s off that so nice. So it’s it’s pretty good. So that was the idea you know is you know, I want to make a living out of the game not you know, I’m not playing just for the, for the for the names really
speaking about your childhood real quick. When in your life. Did you know that you were better at soccer than everybody else? When did that When that hits you, Moser just finished a point in your life.
And I was it was amazing because for me and I you know, early on you can It’s strange because normally and I don’t want to upset the camera man here. But you know normally with in Brazil with growing up as if you they put you on goal because you can play on the field our camera man is goalie just so we agree okay so you know or so they you know they keep saying oh you’re not playing on the field? Yeah, no, you’re gonna play on goal and I’m like, Why is this not all you too good to play on the field? So you want to play on goal? So I’m like, Oh, that’s great. And it was a situation also with, with my father in law because my father, you know, was it was not a typical in a relationship where we do here, you know, you throw in soccer balls and you play in the backyard with football and baseball. I never had that with my parents. My father, okay, it was, you know, he works, you know, very busy, didn’t have the time to, to be in the backyard and play with his son. So somebody, you know, he used to go in a barn and have field drains. And somebody told him say By the way, you know, your son is pretty good. And is my son say yeah, he’s you know, fantastic is he you should go watch him is great. So, you know, from that point forward, you know that he came to every game. Oh, yeah. And I start you know, and so he somebody told me the story I’m like, oh, okay, now I know what my dad is coming out. What did your mom do? She came in every day. You know mommy mommy came to one game and I play the worst game of my life. I tried so hard to please her Yeah, and trust me everything I touch it went the wrong direction and I’m like my god is the game I’m I’m asking to you know do the best I can like that. I really screwed up at Chava sub at halftime and I feel like never again and I so I feel so bad because that’s the one was the most important game of my life and I didn’t do well
nice we both have wives so we kind of understand that problem with the mom I’m just kidding.
So can you explain what Let me ask this because you brought up football and that outdoor So did you come from the football side or the outdoor side when you were brought up into the ranks?
Well growing up in Brazil we play a lot of food so I didn’t know that had been around so how long has that been around?
Well in the foot South has been around forever but the real foot salt today they play in a different the courts are a little bigger the fields okay,
but it’s a heavier ball right? It’s on the ground
correct but then they also change now it’s a little BB bouncing ball in Florida was very happy. Yeah, we’re still on the ground. But it was play on the basketball court. So it was very easy for us to you know, we just put them to small goals and that was it. Yeah. So I start with that and I Love Actually I love that game because it’s it was very good to develop you touch the ball a lot that’s more of your four plus the goalkeeper so I enjoyed the game then I turned pro playing the the outdoor game I was with some Paulo playing the outdoor game Okay, and when I came to American I was I came and I play the first season was indoor then I play outdoor then unfortunately two years later the league fold so it was no outdoor and the decision was going back home or stay here in our in play indoor so I decided instead of in I’ll go back home and sit on I like it that the money be honest with you was much better here than was that Yeah, they’re sort of say I’m in on staying and you know, that’s history. Yeah.
Before you forget to get your your removed that sidekicks you touched on something about the folding of the soccer league. Notice that this happens quite a bit in the world of soccer, especially in indoor. These leagues form you play for them, they win, and several years later, they’re gone. Why is why do leagues fold so often in the world of soccer? Is that a fair question? At least in this country?
Yes. While the promises This means management and sometimes in the front office, you know, when when the NSL was the outdoor league would unfold in 1983. The problems with when you start that every team started getting greedy in bringing the international players the big name players. They had the club name New York cosmos, those days pay late play for them. Correct. And Pilla was one of the that came that they brought back in Bauer and until they made it was almost like a veteran All Star team all over the world and was pretty famous in I was a kid in Brazil, I hear about cosmos, they actually play exhibition game in Brazil. Yeah, so it was but what it did is inflate Cade the market and so Peabody now is trying to match with New York’s New York Cosmos did the only promise New York was drawing well and they have the corporation support so the the income and the sponsorship was excellent what everybody else trying to do the same and there was a no femme soup fan support. And it also the sponsorship was not the same. So a lot of teams went bankruptcy then in the indoor the problems that you have sometimes is you have people who do not have the financial backing to get involved. And but they all believe they have the right answer to do okay, and unfortunate when they come in, they do the set, make the same mistake as everybody else did in the past. And then they cannot sustain you know, financially in the end is gone in our in NA in order to blame Daughters of you know, the problems you have to rent arena is more expensive than then just play football in a basketball court, you know, so,
really well and then the fans and you look at how much competition with entertainment even now and things like all of those things. So I’m, I’m going to go off a little script, please. So you always think about being an 1819 year old guy, you’re coming here you’re doing it because you want to take care of your mom financially. What was the first night in this country? Like do you remember that like So? So can you just bring us to that? Well, I
can go back to just a little bit I got to the airplane you know they put me in the flight normally of professional in Brazil Delta care everything they check your bags, they they do everything you do not things basically just arrive, get in a plane and everything’s great. So they told me says aid by the way with someone and when you arrive in United States will be waiting for you. Guess what? I arrived in Miami six o’clock in the morning. And I go to the store. This is a buddy waiting for me here like, what are your dogs? Who are you? Yeah, I was like, okay, you know, and it’s funny, because, you know, God is wonderful. You know, in that time, he’s God was with me every inch of the way because you know, instead of panic and go crazy. And so I figured out everybody has to get out of the plane and go get their bags safe. I followed them. I think I’m going the right direction. The problem is after when I got my bags, now everybody’s going home and I’m like, Okay, now what? You know and that I remember I got in and did not enter door that make a big noise. Oh, yeah, everybody and you’re in the airport in Miami is like a million people in their eyes turn to you and you’re like, Oh my god, I really go. Great start that you Good job. No sweating, because then the lady was a Cuban lady that asked came to me and says, you know, my say I don’t speak English. And I will speak slowly. And when that was it, and she’s like, what are you from? Brazil? So it’s like, oh, okay, so she started speaking Spanish with me. Then, you know, cut the story short. She just took me to the to the gates and says, okay, by the way, your flight leaves at 930. Okay, and so just be here, in probably half an hour before you’ll be fine. So don’t leave the airport. I’m so good. Great. You know, so, you know, I remember walking around, you know, listen to all different language. I’m like, My God, what the heck is going on? Yeah. And I remember a guy stopping me one of those days or the guy selling books in the airport. I don’t know if you guys went through that. And a guy comes in and I come on, and I’m like, No, I speak English. What do you speak? Portuguese? So I speak Portuguese students. Oh my god. Okay, are we good? I thought I got away with this one. But I didn’t. And I finished it up by The Three Musketeers and the Spanish. Oh, yeah. I got an idiot. Anyway, then I got to tamp everything was great. They took me out to lunch. They told me go to the airport and it’s to the hotel and say they just go sign in. We’ll pay for everything. And everything you’re excited is great. And then in the morning comes and I started realizing I said well I don’t speak English. I cannot read in English. So how am I going to order I’m going to talk and you know as like this is this is crazy. So that was my first day. You know I remember mum Indian I in one thing I was still surprised me today mommy packed me couple things. You know the the old mommy you know she put a little I remember the sausage with tomato sauce inside. I don’t know if you guys ever dad. So you know those things that you get an apple for sure. Yeah, you know, so. I don’t know how I came to I went somehow they allow because you’re not supposed to have food and I find out later. Yeah, somehow it came through. Nobody stopped me. So I’m now I’m gonna be at the the hotel in the room. You know now I’m like, What am I doing? Then I’m like, I have an apple and I have the you know, they can have a you know, sausage in the new tomato sauce inside and I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna eat this the only thing I did have nothing to open. So I’m hammering again on the ground to open up a dish and that was my first dinner dinner in America. How royal that
is. We assume things have gotten better since then by the fact that you’re being here and we’re talking Yeah, this that’s a great story. Thank you for sharing. So through Tampa you make it to Dallas you get signed by Dallas that was in there was a little bit of a legal issue there for saw but sat down with psychics where you name made your name your legacy sits there for them for the most part of your life. You that’s you are a Dallas psychic for everybody in this Metroplex in the in the world for that matter. Tatu’s, a Dallas psychic. So without asking you a million psychics questions, just describe the experience being there and being being part of that team and what it meant to you to be a Dallas psychic.
That was it was incredible. And I was first of all is on the American fans are just wonderful. You know, I always felt welcome here for day one. You know, I could not speak the language. So just smiling people treat me like their own son, you know, and I’m very appreciative to this country guy that to me is unbelievable. And it breaks my heart when I hear anything negative about America. Okay, that to me is is is unacceptable. Everything I have you know, in the way I grow as a person in my own this country so, so that to me is big. You know, being part of the sidekicks, man is we had the the ugly days in our first season when we went I think 12 games we lost 36 It was tough in our you get there too hard to compete when you you lose in all the time, in a way almost broke the record of both consecutive losses in beginning the season. And I remember we actually beat the cosmos, you know to not to break the record set to me that was big. Yeah. You know, then the people the players you know, and then the fans and the ownership group you know we had done or Carter’s to you know, stand Fini with the graham family in and out that was was wonderful. This people was just it was a family you know, we had the the, the luck to be associated with the Mavericks. And I remember flying to the Mavericks plane and I was you know for us, you know, the old days where you go in in the airport you It takes two three days for God to play one game on the road and you fly with the Mavericks planned and suddenly you you live at two o’clock in the afternoon you play a seven where you are and you get back home and when the morning Yeah, you don’t have to sit in the airport and all the balls so that was a it was a tremendous experience in winning the championship in 8687 the way we did is wonderful I’ll never forget that I can close my eyes It feels like was yesterday Yeah, you know we’re playing game seven in Tacoma they add seats to the to the arena three minutes left in the game with down three to one the announcer already you know telling their fans to you stay said to get to the championship trophy and they will present of the runner up for trophy to the psychics and you know, you’re playing the game and you listen to that then suddenly, you know, we pulled the goalkeeper in I will go six attacker and they never work. Yeah, you know, be honest with you is is a is a toss up in man, we went from down three to one to tie the game three, three, you know and finish it up winning on overtime. And I remembered to this moment when you looking at people’s face. It’s like 22,000 people, you know, with their eyes wide open, you know, just stun Yeah, they didn’t know what the heck happened. Yeah, and we are just jumping and going crazy. You know, and, and that was one of the few games where we have traffic coming to the to the arena. So is in I was was wonderful. You know, I’m very thankful to our Lord and to, to everyone to the fans and to the people here because it was it was it was wonderful time.
Yeah. So can you explain the history of taking the shirt off when you scored a goal? Is there something ceremonial about that or? Or did that just what happens there?
Well, basically with the guy, the American guy went to Brazil and you watch a game, okay. We had a guy in Brazil, we scored the goals, his name his goals. So he used to, you know, let’s say they give you the President’s name. So tonight I’m going to score. You know, Joe Biden’s goal, okay, and the guy goes in his court. So everybody’s pigmentation in one game and he says we’re gonna take your shirt off and In the other game, you take the shirt off, you will do the old days, you’ll get a red cord. Now you get yellow. So everybody’s like, you, idiot, you know if it’s critical don’t take this because we got to get a red. Yeah. And he took his shirt off and add another one under. So everybody’s like, Wow, that’s great. So the guy watched him do that. And it says a tattoo. You don’t do it. In the first game in Tampa, you know, he says, I said, we’ll have people around waiting for you with a jersey. So I started going on. I was scared to that. I said, Hey, we if I throw my jersey and is not another one, then what Amitabh was the whole damn game, it’ll be the most embarrassing thing in my life. So I didn’t do it. So I go back to halftime, he comes in and he was mad. We I thought we agreed something you’re supposed to do. I’m like, I’m sorry. I was scared to be honest with you. And suddenly he said, No, if you score, make sure you take it off. And I did it. You know, and everybody was when crazy, you know, and you know, the old days you You’re young got long hair, you know, you know, tamper you get a nice tan. I look alright. Yeah. Okay, yes. So you like Okay, that was that was it? Then when I came when we came to the psychics, you know, Donald Carter, you know, he is a Baptist, he did not. He didn’t like the idea because he felt like it was more sexual type of, you know, he didn’t want to be associated with that. They finished it up convincing him of what a good idea. You know, in the early on was good, because a lot of the media people in the TV guys, they didn’t know nothing about soccer. But it was easy to talk about that crazy guy would have to score to go, Yeah, he take his shirt off. So we got a lot of, you know, mileage off that or publicity for the team.
We’re gonna do the same with our show. JB is going to do
that. You look, you guys will look great. We’ll do that off. Off camera for sure. Hey, the ladies are coming. So you guys, okay, say
for you? Yeah. What? How many jerseys do you say you put you say you took off in your
career? Well, basically the beginning we would do in the home and on the road. So it was kind of, you know, kind of embarrassed sometimes on the road throwing the short. So I would say probably 75% that goes high score. You know, I throw the jersey. You know, 7000 1000 times maybe? was probably let’s say around six 700. Yeah, that’s a lot of times. Yeah. was one game and we run out of Georgia. The guy kept him since he was caught again. Don’t do it. Because we don’t have a backup jersey. on the bench. Oh, yes. How many would they carry? Probably 678. Yeah, now he’s just incredible. Okay,
I’m gonna play. We’re gonna wrap it up here. But I’m playing a sound I want you to I want you first thing that comes to mind when you hear this what the feeling is? What’s that make you think of when you hear that? feels great.
Before you go tell us about the mosquito outlaws real quick as we follow on Yeah. Tell us how the team is how you guys doing and how we can get our fans to look at the site or get out there and watch you guys play.
At this moment. We this offseason, so is starting December. And you know, great, great group, great relationship with the ownership. guy who’s Iranian, he plays before the play soccer before so it’s not just a guy who wants a franchise. So he loves for the game. He actually threw it out to the Dallas, Dallas tornadoes in 1970. So he didn’t make it. So is this a good environment is a good opportunity for the local players. In our we bring couple of guys from the outside. Definitely because we mesquite we bring some Mexicans players in. So is a it’s kind of fun, in our view, now is easier to tell the guys to run and you don’t have to run? Yeah, you tell them run faster. Yeah, that’s okay. You know, so it’s good to be on the boat side, the only bad thing about it is you’re not in control anymore. So when you’re play, you can decide to decide the result. as a as a coach, you depend on the other guy on the guys to do what you ask them to do. So that’s the difference, right? Or both. So we got we can’t even on that, since you just said that. You had coached you owner you owned and you played on the same team hat really quickly. How does that how does that even work? How do you own coach and play on the same team? Very difficult, you know, because this is the problems is when you coach you have to lead by example. So it’s very difficult to you know, and when you get older to is the end of your career. So you tell the guys to do one thing and you’re not capable of doing you know anymore. So it’s harder training. It’s a I want you to give 100% but if you’re old, you have to manage your your energy. Sure. So was a little difficult because sometimes you cannot back up your words. So it gets very difficult to in the relationship. And sometimes the guys are afraid to deal with you as a player because they know you’re the You’re the boss. Yeah, so it’s a very uncomfortable and I definitely do not recommend to anyone, because it’s when you come to the bench, now you turn to be a coach. So now you have to watch the game as a coach now as a player. And when you’re on the field, you have to act like a player not as a coach. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a little confusing, but you know, it was, I did it because it was was ask, be honest with us. And you know, in those days, sometimes one salary is better to do than to Yeah, so I said, Okay, I would do it. If it was so helpful to teams,
I got to be honest with you Tatu there not many people on the planet that actually would have the opportunity to do that. So your recommendation did not try that we could appreciate it, but they’re not two people, they could pull it off like you did. So
I’m pretty sure last question If yes, we’re real quick, though about club soccer. So talk about that a little bit and the impact that it’s having in this North Texas area as you’re doing what you’re doing now?
Well, it’s amazing, the way is evolving. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be a business. You know, I think that the difficulty about everything is, you know, you need to pay a fee to play the game, you know, and that that’s the sad part. But I think the overall the quality of the coaching and the development of the of the player, you know, the opportunities arrive, you know, to go to college, and all the above i think is is fantastic. Okay, you know, I think this is a wish, you know, the I had this when I was growing up. Yeah, you know, this is ended the quality of the coach the things, you know, quality coaches are telling the players today, I wish I’d been told that when I was 10 and that was you know, I learned a lot on the on the street. Yeah, and those kids in this this country have something very special. Like I said, If I would have changed one thing is I will let everybody play for free because if I if my parents have to pay for me to play, I will not be able to play because they couldn’t pay
so okay, we real quick just out. We ask all our guests this No, you can’t do family because we know that that’s going to be this. But you just got to kind of put the the givens away was the best day of your life.
Best day my life while you mentioned but not film definitely my kids born it was. Okay. So I will go be honest with you With you know, winning the championship 1986 87 that was a special like I says to you was when you’re the underdog and you accomplish something where nobody believes you can. That was a wonderful. How did you celebrate that night? Oh, my goodness. I remember walking and my ex father Lowe’s when they’re with six bottles of champagne in the lobby. We just walk in and it was it was crazy. It was a was a wonderful night. We really enjoy. I think we had a very nice flight back from Seattle to Dallas. And we had over 5000 people in an airport waiting
for you weren’t searching for a can opener.
No. It’s been a privilege honor to have you on our show. Thank you for joining us. We’re huge fans. You’ve done so much for the city in this town. So thank you for everything I appreciate. Thank you guys. It’s been fun.
They’ve got all the guns out there now for Dallas. Lawson, Milan. Oh, Tatu and comp and you can’t put more offense on the floor for Dallas, Milan or across the red line to Tatu rightside double p my naked Tatu tries to go around Mexico
87 a buy and sell champion with a plug blaster Compton with the goal that Dallas sidekick check one, two dogs with 248 remaining period.
Every thing was set up for Tacoma to be the change. You know and in the US to win. I think people wild to realize
and finally come to an end and they will live happily ever after. And credibly to run the championship. Kevin Smith Isn’t that the truth? We’re just some balloons. You know,
we, we always expect somebody to be there but not five 6000 people. And that was great.
Yeah, when they told me it was a few 100 people lining the streets of Dallas, and I was a bit concerned about it over 10,000 I mean, yes was surprised upon surprise and the emotion that we all felt at that time. As I’ve said, if we live to be 100 years if we win championship champions